I join a lady who was sat have a coffee {total stranger}at11am we part company at 7pm
we talk about lots of different topics she did say she read me because women don’t wear much make up
day time,where I point out that a young women just behind me was wearing more than me, but she did say later on that my make up look ok with the light at different angle.
We both went to the ladies together no problem.
what I am trying to get across is if you got the footballs to go out go out of the people that have walk past me have not said one word, to me,I don’t pass but of all the other women I have spoke to say yes
you do, the make up women I spoke today said not all women are petty and if you people watch you will see.

This bit is for Helen hightwater I am writing this in the middle of a restaurant and no one is paying any attention to the way I am dressed or that I am on cross dresser.com web site.


Will keep you up date as I am meeting the young lady I had coffee with for a day out as two girls.