So I am a recent MTF Transgender who has come out of the closet. Please keep reading before you move this to the MTF section.

Their are several Trans people in my town and today I was socializing with a FTM person. He tends to present male but with a lot of style. So in our limited previous interactions I was unsure if he was FTM or MTF or was choosing to be gender-queer but the signs were there for me if I paid attention. Anyway I made the mistake of referring to him as she when mentioning something he did for the group. He quickly leant over and corrected me as he should have and I felt about two inches tall. For me in all my glory to make a mistake like that on this day of Visability. I did go and apologize profusely after our group broke up. He reassured me it was no big deal. The good news is it gave us a chance to talk and get to know each other a bit better. Sitting here I still feel awful so I want to apologize to all of you and say I promise to be better and not only watch my pronouns but make the conscious effort to use them properly from here on out.