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Thread: How do you store/keep your femme wardrobe...?

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    How do you store/keep your femme wardrobe...?

    Over the years I have accumulated enough of a femme wardrobe that it fills up a small closet in our guest bedroom. I love having everything all organized and easily accessible for those times that I get to dress.

    It is very disappointing, not to mention a pain in the ass, to have to pack it away whenever we have company stay in the guest room. I am also worried that it might inadvertently get discovered.

    I am in a DADT situation with my wife. And my drab closet just doesn't have the room to move all my femme clothing to.

    Wondering what storage solutions you ladies have with your wardrobe?


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    Well i have a couple of boxes in my basement shop with shoes and other accessories. My 70 some dresses hang in the utility room, in a safe location. my middle drawer has my frilly things hose and my bras and girdles are in a box on a high shelf in my side of the closet. When i dress i have to run all over the house to get things ready and the reverse when i go drab. We don't have a big house, but at least the basement is finished.

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    I built a closet in the basement for most of my wardrobe. The overflow dresses are in garment bags in the attic. The rest is in a dresser in the bedroom.

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    Mine are just in random boxes and suitcases in storage areas. I've been using the vacuum storage bags to keep things from getting mildewy in the summer though.

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    In the closet between my wife's stuff and my drab stuff.

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    In the closet between my guy-clothes.
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    In my closet with all my stuff and My fiancee's stuff.
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    I have a walk in closet in the bedroom that I use as an office. It has all of my clothes, not just the femme ones. Since it is used only as an office, I don't have to move anything when people visit.

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    I have a closet in the laundry room which I can lock if I have to. I keep my shoes in a large suitcase under the bed in the extra bedroom. This is an improvement over our last place where everything was kept in suitcases.
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    Great question, Cindy....Up until last September I was in a strict DADT situation with my Scarlett clothes stored in a closet in an extra bedroom and still quite a bit stored in a temperature controlled storage unit about 2 blocks from the house.

    Then came a time about two months before we moved into our dream home. I told my wife I didn't want to store Scarlett's wardrobe, heels, boots, booties, makeup, and all jewelry and accessories into my master bedroom closet and one of the four bedroom closets with an entire dresser in the bedroom.

    We had a mini "The Talk" in our new home two months before closing on the new home and then moving in. She gave me the green light to all of the storage space I needed on the inside of our new dream home when it was time to move in. My clothing of Scarlett's is usually kept in suit bags that I had from many purchased of suits from Joseph A. Banks. My position at work required me to wear really nice suits, shirts, ties, and expensive dress shoes. I did a lot of travel to defense contractor's facilities from coast to coast give speeches to high level employees with these companies. So I have plenty of really nice suit bags to store Scarlett's clothing in. Right now none of it is put away in these bags. It's in the extra bedroom closet which has lots of space with double clothing racks in the closet that are 36 inches apart allowing me to store twice the clothing as usual in the closet. My heels and boots are all in their original boxes up above the top rack in the two closets noted above. My wigs, shape wear, tights, hose, jewelry, etc. are all stored in either Nike or Puma shoe boxes up in the top or down in the bottom of those two closets. I've got a lot of running shoes from those companies and don't store any of those shoes in their original boxes.

    The only time now I have to put Scarlett's things away is when on rare occasions when family members are spending a few days at our home on visits. They stay in one of the bedrooms that has none of Scarlett's things in them. That's one thing that is super about our dream home - it's got a ton of closet storage space. I'm sure sooner or later I'll run out of Scarlett space and have to changes items out for new things purchased and sell some of the nicer things on line or take to one of three local consignment shops.

    Well, that's it! Just really happy that gorgeous redhead of mine has accepting my cross dressing and I just can't get my girl on while she's at home which is just fine with me.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Double closet in the master bedroom and the closet in the guest bedroom.
    My girl clothes are my clothes I wear everyday.
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    I'm fortunate all my clothes that are in season are in our closets. I have so much though that I do store out of season casual clothes in our garage sealed in storage boxes. The boxes are clear but I don't have secrets.

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    Mine are in two boxes in a lock up cabinet in my office at work. My office is mine alone, its locked when I am out. so my stash is accessible but quite safe... alas I am limited to the two boxes which as you all know is never enough, this girl loves to shop!!!
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    Closet and dresser - I do not need to hide anything

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    I have my own closet just for my female wardrobe of 30 skirts, 30 dresses, 25 tops and blouses, 10 jackets, shoes and so on. My wife knows my closet. I also have a little suitcase for travel that is always readly to go.

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    I have my bedroom now with a large closet and a dresser , its much easier than packed in a bin in the basement like before.
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    In a bag under my bed.

    I wish there was some way for it to self destruct in the event of my death.

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    Years ago when my wife and I contemplated divorce I moved all my stuff downstairs into my home office. She overtook the master closet during that time and when our spat was over there was no room for my clothes to come back up. When I told my wife in January about my dressing, she made some room in the back of the closet to hang my stuff. I also have a bag with 2 petticoats, panties and bras. I keep some miscellaneous stuff in a box near the 12 foot ceiling. And I have my "work skirt" hanging in the back of my home office (a midi jean skirt).

    Before my wife knew, I would keep her discarded clothes that I liked in her extra clothes totes in the basement, and few other things in a hard to reach drawer in my office. About a year ago was when my "office skirt" started getting hung up in the home office closet since I was wearing it more often.

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    It's a complete yet small spare room for my things now (no bed though, probably the next step), even a mirrored dresser. My clothes were stashed throughout my extensive furniture collection previously! I should check to see if I still have anything stashed!

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    I am envious of all of you. That said, I keep all of my girl clothes in the attic. Yes it's a pain.

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    What an interesting question and it brings to mind something I never quite considered.

    The Wife is "accepting", but begrudgingly so. Things have improved and getting more accepting all the time, but the road was fraught with battles over my Femme Life. But since I "came out of the closet" to the wife, the wardrobe has lived "in the closet". There was a time before I came out to her (some 3 yrs ago) where I had so few garments [ a few panties, leggings and one dress] that they were easy to stash securely. Since then, Ilene's clothes have proudly hung in the master bedroom walk-in closet alongside my regular guy wardrobe.

    And it's the one thing about my CD that doesn't seem to annoy my Beloved. And I truly appreciate it. One very nice thing about where I stand in my current transitional life is that my Wife doesn't mind if I dress around the house, so I'm "free" to wear whatever I wish. That's why I keep my girl wardrobe immediately available. (She just doesn't like the make up, wigs or body shaping as she resents these all as elements of FAKE women).

    I almost have a fetish..... OK, a bit of OCD when it comes to organizing them. I have managed to clear out enough old male clothes and since have made enough great thrift store purchases that I noticed I nearly have a half & half mix of male and female articles hanging in my main closet. It was an amazing realization, even for me; that nearly half of my closet was filled with women's clothing that I regularly wear in some manner. Left side of the walk-in rack is all guy stuff. The right side and back is all femme. (Lord, I'm so proud to see it.) All dresses are together, hung by color. Hangers of leggings (yes, I hang them up). A line of skirts, then tops and next to them sweaters, followed by pants hung carefully together. Shoes have a separate under shelf. Housekeeping lessons learned from an obsessive Mother (God bless her) and the US Navy.

    Like all my clothes, I keep seasonal items in a back room closet on hangers; not hidden. Winter dresses and sweaters are almost due to go into the back and the lighter, brighter summer dresses, capris and tops will come into the master closet (or mistress closet, since it's mine). The only time I stashed the entire wardrobe was during a self-test I did for myself to see if I could go 30 days without dressing up (it failed, miserably).

    Life can be good. Very good. When I see that, it makes me think that if I take this road to full feminization, that I can proceed slowly and eventually get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Bridget View Post
    I wish there was some way for it to self destruct in the event of my death.
    Oh no you don't, dear. Really..... no.
    You want those those to jump out of their bag, run about proudly and loudly and display themselves from a flag pole. They will scream to The Muggles, "Here was the human being you never knew and never understood, and she was beautiful!!"

    One of the great reliefs of "coming out" was that everyone who knows and loves me already understands I'm weird as hell. There will be no surprises.
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    I used to hide stuff all over the place. Even after coming out to my wife when we recently moved I was finding things I forgot. Out 40ish daughter was helping and when she would find something girlish she would yell OK, Mom Dad whose box does this go into. LOL

    After our move I don't hide anything. I'm now the proud owner of my own walk in closet and my own eight draw dresser. Life is wonderful.

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    Two large zippered duffel bags. One for clean and neatly folded clothes, and one for shoes. A third smaller bag which holds my three makeup cases. Since I like straight wigs, laying them flat on top of the clothes doesn't mis-shape them. Nestled among everything are mirrors, hangars, and other miscellaneous necessities. Everything's ready for travel (by car, my only way).

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    I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to hang my female clothes in my closet right along with my male clothes and my lingerie is in the top two drawers of my dresser.

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    Interesting where you girls keep your wardrobe. Being I am out to my immediate family. My lingerie is in one dresser. Jeans, my androgynous cloths are in another, T-shirts etc. My dresses are hung in the walk in across from the wife's. Same with shoe. My extra and dress work cloths share a small area of the walk in. Purses, jewelry, Etc. are in a built storage in the closet.


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