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Thread: How do you store/keep your femme wardrobe...?

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    When I started out, while I was experimenting with dressing while still married, I kept my panties in my dresser drawer, and my very small stash that consisted of a wig, a padded bra, one full female outfit (blouse and skirt) and 1" heel pump-style shoes I tucked into a gym bag on the bottom shelf in my home office.

    Now that I am widowed and single, my girl clothes have totally taken over. I have three full-sized, 7 to 11 drawer dressers, plus a large walk-in closet, plus shoe organizers on two doors, and of that, only two small dresser drawers and 5' of the 40+ feet of closet rod space are male clothes! My bedroom clothing storage looks like a lady lives there, and she maybe keeps some of her 'gentleman friend's' clothes around for his convenience when visiting.
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    Before telling my wife, I would store all of Wendy's clothing items in small boxes in the tool room. Eventually the boxes overflowed and I stored them in a locked cabinet in the downstairs bedroom. I didn't have much make up at the time, just 2 lipsticks.

    Since telling my wife, we've hired a closet organizer company to redo our bedroom and the spare bedroom closets, to maximize storage space. Wendy's clothes now take up all of the spare bedroom's closet, the dresses hang in our bedroom's closet, undergarments have taken up one large drawer space, and all the swimsuits take up another large drawer space + a large plastic bin. All my make up fit on half a shelf space in the washroom.

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    I have two places: I have a large plastic storage box with a lock on it. It is the crawl space. It contains the stuff I donít fit in anymore but I canít bear to part with because I still keep the ridiculous idea in my head that I will lose enough weight to fit them again one day...My SO thinks it is full of knives and swords I used to collect when I was younger.... the other is a box in my home office in the closet. It contains the items that I wear often...When I studying I lock myself in so my family wonít bother me while Iím studying... and get dressed for the time...

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    The only thing I can say is: Bags with zippers and combination locks for the win, super effective compared to a barely hidden box that anyone can open.

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    Double Wardrobe and large chest of drawers with wigs on Styrofoam heads on top in my side of bedroom.Jackets and Coats hung up alongside my wife's in large hall cupboard.bags,shoes and boots in there too,due a good clear out
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    I have a wardrobe that holds my heels and my shirts and dresses My panties are in my night stand and my bras are in a dresser drawer.
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    In a steel box buried next to the big oak tree

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    I live in a really dry climate so regular bins work well for me. I have this one for all my lingerie and another larger bin for most of my other girly clothing. Dresses are hanging, of course.

    I like that it's all easy to hide away if needed.


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    I kept my stuff cramped in a giant cardboard box for as long as I can remember (20 years plus). Finally a couple years ago I finally bought a portable closet off amazon similar to this:

    It sits in a spare bedroom, and it's so nice to have everything separated and easy to find.

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