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    Hadn't bargained on that

    Ok, so I decided to dress up and go out on the street again. Here's how it went:

    I chose 4:00am as my start time and put on a pencil skirt, my new high heels and an orange top. I have only one coat that is suitable so I wore that. Just as I was leaving the apartment, two young couples came in, one of the girls thanking me for holding the door. But I was somewhat taken aback and scuttled to one side embarrassed. One of the men said something like, "wir wohnen alle hier", which means we all live here, and then something else that I didn't catch. But he was being pleasant I think. Although, at that moment, I'd have preferred if he'd just gone in.

    Then after a few minutes acclimatising, and waiting for the pavement to be empty, I decided to walk off. Almost immediately, I got a beep from a car. And there were lots of people visible in various directions. But around the corner, it was quiet and I started to relax. At one point, I stood 'checking my phone' when a police car cruised past me rather slowly. They carried on, so that gave me confidence. People and cars passed nearby without taking much notice, although I did see a few heads turning. But I thought, what the hell, I have a right to be here. I don't even think I look so bad; I'm clean and my clothes are nice.

    I then spent quite a while just walking, stopping to take a photo, and walking again. I chose to walk down a busy road and around a busy corner. Passing very close to a young lady, I saw her stifling the urge to laugh. I wouldn't have minded because I laughed out loud myself once I was past her! I'm not really bothered by that; let's face it, I was a man in high heels!

    I had decided to stay out until it began to get light so I chose another street and continued. I could hear a lot of clanging going on and I nearly turned back. I thought perhaps it was somebody emptying dustbins, although I could see nothing. Then a young lady's disembodied voice called me over. She'd had a drink and had locked herself between an outside gate to her yard and the apartment door. She asked me to phone her mother but I got no reply. She then said she would be stuck for two hours, so I offered that she come back to my flat and wait until her mother was up. But she could get neither out nor in! I couldn't leave her stuck there alone. But I was now facing the prospect of the world starting to wake up around me while dressed in high heels and a skirt! Maybe it wasn't a catastrophe but I certainly hadn't bargained on it! I started searching on my phone for an Aufsperrdeinst (to come and unlock the door) but the girl was very worried about how much it would cost. I would have paid, of course.

    I was there some considerable time and at one point, she complimented me on my shoes and asked me if I could walk in them. To which I demonstrated, of course, that I could. Eventually, before I managed to find a number, somebody heard us and came and let her in. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued my walk. It was by this time almost completely light. But I was beginning to feel ever more comfortable, especially as the noise from groups of drunks returning home after the evening had been replaced by people setting up flower stalls, early morning tram cars and so on. So I lingered longer and took a few more photos of myself, a couple of which are here:

    Attachment 290989

    Attachment 290990

    Attachment 290991

    Attachment 290992

    Attachment 290996

    And a couple of videos:!Arryakpg-EEAjK8Zl_p2vtaSx43ivw!Arryakpg-EEAjK8f0pDsoOVct4xcxg

    In the end I didn't want to go back indoors, except for the fact that I wanted to write up my experience.

    Well that's my story. And what did I learn?

    1. I should have just acknowledged the girl's thank you. But I was just so surprised and a bit dismayed to meet four people coming into my apartment at 4:00am that it threw me off balance.
    2. People going about their early morning business don't even look. Drunks, especially in groups, do. Solo walkers tend to avoid even eye contact.
    3. Keep your feet close together when walking; it looks better.
    4. Watch out for places where heels can stick and get damaged.
    5. I need to buy some sort of summer jacket that I can wear over a top.
    6. I really don't feel any urge to try to pass as a woman (as if I could) but I do love people to see me like this.
    7. Be confident.
    7. Expect the unexpected.
    7. Doing this is a huge kick.

    Finally, on arriving home I found I had received the following message:

    Thank you very, very much for your calling!!
    Best regards,
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