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Thread: My full fem weekend

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    My full fem weekend

    I got to stay in female mode virtually all this weekend. Most of it went well, but it definitely had its ups and downs!

    Saturday morning, I tried something new. I went to our city’s “Saturday Market”, to perform as a juggler and street magician! I have been doing magic and juggling since I was in high school, but since accepting my feminine side this was only the second time I have tried performing while en-femme, and the first time in an open public venue.

    I was wearing a top hat adorned with a black rose corsage on the hat band, a black swallowtail coat with a corset laced back, a short skirt with a ‘galaxies and nebulas’ print fabric, and a crop top to match the skirt, with a black top adorned with silver sparkles under the crop top, to cover my tummy. My only pockets were in the skirt, so I also had a small purse, with my phone, wallet and car keys in one zippered section, and some of my magic props for close up magic in the rest of the purse’s zippered compartments. I also had a briefcase containing the rest of my props, and a folding stand to set the briefcase up as a table. Drove to downtown and parked in a garage two blocks away, and walked to the event.

    Got several nice complements on my outfit from people I passed, and no strange looks. After checking in with the event management, I went to one of the allowed performing areas and did a 15 minute juggling routine with a diabolo, or Chinese yo-yo.

    Then I had a real fright. While chatting with a nice lady who had watched me perform, I looked in my purse to check the time on my phone, and found both my iPhone and wallet were missing! The zippered compartment they had been in was unzipped, and that section was empty. Still had my car keys, which I had put in my skirt pocket after parking my car. I felt absolutely shocked and violated, and nearly had a panic attack!

    After a frantic search, checking lost and found, and back-tracking, I got back to my car, and thankfully found both the phone and wallet. They had apparently fallen out of my purse on the drive to downtown, and were in the crack between the drivers seat and center console. I guess when I took my keys out to head downtown, I failed to zip the purse closed, and my seat belt upended the small purse.

    I was still shaking when I returned to the Saturday Market area. Got a strong glass of ale, downed it, and then tried to perform some more, but was still too upset to do well enough to get any tips at all. Several people watched me perform, and everyone treated me well, but as a money maker, it was a bust.

    Left there and went to the mall for a little ‘retail therapy’, still wearing my show outfit, but without the top hat. Found three nice skirts at less than half price, and felt better. Then I got a real ego boost. Went into Hot Topic, and a cute 20-something sales girl with short, multi-color hair asked me if I would be at the rave that night! I took it as quite a complement on how much younger than my actual age of 60 I must have looked to her, for her to expect me to attend a dance event usually aimed at people half my age or younger! While I actually have attended and enjoyed a rave before, it isn’t the sort of dance I usually go to. I smiled, and told her I had not known about that rave, and that I might have been interested, but I was already committed to attending two other dances that night!

    After a brief stop at home, I helped do setup for the first of those dances - a twice-monthly women’s dance for the lesbian and bi ladies in our community. I am well accepted in that group, and always have a blast dancing with those ladies. I was still in my performer’s outfit, minus the top hat.

    Walked to a nearby Applebees restaurant and had dinner and a drink, then attended the ladies dance from 6 to 9 pm. Quite a few of the ladies complemented my outfit. Then the same place opened up for a monthly “Queer dance”, open to all gender identities. They had a burlesque troop put on a show, then had two more hours of dancing. I finally got home at 12:30 am this morning!

    When I got up on Sunday, I decided to remain female. Got dressed up in casual clothes - T-shirt, short skirt and sandals - and took my dog for a walk en-femme.

    Had lunch at home with my daughter, changed to a knee-length black skirt and a different t-shirt, then was off again! A lesbian couple who I know from the bi-monthly womens dances was getting handfasted. They had a lovely outdoor ceremony at a nature preserve, then a reception at their home. Mostly attended by their families (all genders and ages), and by their lesbian friends, though there were three of us there who were MtF transgender ladies. I didn’t get home again until after 6 pm.

    I am exhausted now, but sure had an interesting weekend!
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    It sounds like, apart from the temporary panic over the missing wallet and phone, you had a great weekend. I'm glad the phone and wallet had not been stolen and all was well in the end.

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    Oh that sinking feeling when you think you've lost something valuable. Glad it all turned out ok.

    You certainly crammed in a lot in a couple of days. No wonder you're exhausted.

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    Read your post and I am pleased it turned out okay, I thought my car had been stolen in Swindon once, it was on the next level up thank goodness.
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    and beauty will follow.

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    Wonderful story. Days like that make everything worth it.

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