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Thread: How Can I Possibly Support My Family!

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you, as I sat riveted reading and re-reading everyone's advice and your comments, I couldn't help but feel your pain because I am in the same boat working in a field that transition or even discovery would mean that I would most likely lose my job, and not be able to work in the field. It is less about political or religious aspirations of my peers and more a perspective issue as we have a number of lesbian and gay personnel its more along the line of just plain misunderstanding about what we are. Even though the gay and lesbian community is well represented, my profession is still a very tough profession where it doesn't pay to be girly. When Caitlyn Jenner came out to the world I thought this would at least be a chance, but the rhetoric that started up in my peers at work was more than troubling. I find myself at an age that my only choice is to live the two lives and take solace in the fact that I am providing for my family first and will someday be able to completely present as I want once they are all taken care of and once I leave my career field when I retire.

    Good luck to you, I guess my message is that you are not alone Sister! I also want to comment on all of the posts in this thread, you ladies are some of the world's greatest people and I love you all!

    Love makes everyone equal.

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    I know the feeling of despair, even sadness when returning back to drab. It's a real and I believe common feeling among CD.
    Go slowly, Susan. And with all love. Do that and I believe you will find the opportunities you seek.
    There resides within me a Woman, and she is powerful.
    She has been my Grace and Bearing on the stormiest seas.
    I could no more deny Her than I would my own soul.

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    It is unfortunate in the position that you are in. In hindsight, religion is trash. Look what happens when people are tainted by it? Almost got my hand burnt in the hot skillet by my grandfather, because of his religious foolishness. Think the world would be better off without it.
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