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Thread: Tips on walking like a female

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    Great tip Robertacd!! Rotating hands 90 deg outward brings elbows in!!

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    I just relax, be myself- finally!

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    One thing I’ve observed about GGs is that their elbows rarely if ever go past their back. It must be something about the anatomy of their shoulders compared to males but if you were to get a broom stick, put it behind your back and hold it in place with your elbows, the is the plane at which their elbows don’t pass. Another thing is keeping your palms facing to the front. That is kind of exaggerated but that’s kind of the idea.
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    I practice my walking on the treadmill at the local health club. Nothing exaggerated: just trying to present a more neutral to slightly femme walk, as opposed to typical guy. No heels, just athletic shoes.

    1. I rock my hips slightly side to side and hold my shoulders steady which is the opposite of my guy walk.
    2. I found my normal walk is with my toes pointing at 11 and 1, and I have moved to a 12, 12 position (as the clock goes). You'll see the models in the first posted video all walking 12, 12. This is not as easy as it sounds if you naturally point out. I don't try to cross my feet over.
    3. Palms forward to tuck in my elbows.
    4. Shoulders back and behind my hips. More like leaning back when walking (Paris Hilton is a master at this). This was quite unnatural for me because as a guy I lean forward. My survey of others on the treadmill is that men lean forward and women are straight up or leaning back.
    5. Knees as close together as possible. Again, I don't try to cross my feet over.
    6. I don't shorten my stride much in athletic shoes, but wearing heels (not on the treadmill) I naturally do.

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    I posted this on another separate thread because I thought it was a bit of a giggle. Still do.

    Do I Walk and Sit Gracefully?.jpg Ettiquette for Young Moderns copy.jpg

    ME? I tend to just put on the heels or sandals and just walk. Small steps. Natural stride. No big arm motions. Let the feel and flow of your skirt dictate your gate and manner. Feel it.
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    go toMiss Vera's Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls and attend a CD meetup group. then you can get practice and build your strut

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    One thing that helps me is to walk in high heels, both when out en-fem and around the apartment.
    Then when you're out in flats dolled up you can pretend you're in heels.
    That might help.

    When out I hold my purse strap, over my left shoulder, with my left hand and unconsciously do a fem swing with my right arm, taking smaller steps with a narrow walk-line. The arm swing not only appears fem, but assists in balance walking in heels.

    I also have a cheesy YT tutorial video on how to walk in heels, whereas you can much better ones.

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