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Thread: Let’s hear your origin story!

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    Let’s hear your origin story!

    I love this community and the most interesting aspect of it to me is that we all come from different walks of life, dress for somewhat different reasons and some ladies dress from head to toe while others are happy in one specific piece of clothing. It makes me wonder how old were you when you started to dress and what was your first experience?!? I’ll start, when I was around 5-6 years old my sister was in ballet class and I was so envious of her outfit for some reason. One day I just HAD to try it on. I recall feeling so happy in a black leotard and pink tights! What about you?

    *Apologies for the grammatical error in the title...Darn auto correct
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    I was about 10 or 11. I had no sisters to influence me so I'm not sure where the urge came from. All I know is that I was looking through the lingerie sections of the Sears and JC Penney catalogs (that's about as racy as it got in my parents house) and after a while I realized I was just as fascinated with what the models were wearing as I was with the models themselves. It just grew from there.

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    I was around age 10 when I noticed a girl in my class was starting to wear a bra, something deep inside me said "I should be wearing one of those"...

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    I dabbled with underwear, swimsuits and the like from an early age, maybe 5, 6ish. When I was 15 I put on a dress for the first time and had a real 'wow' moment. Since that day I've only ever wanted to fully dress.
    Here today, gone tomorrow....

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    I was about 8 when I tried on one of my mother's silk blouses. It fit me like a dress and I was hooked. I soon progressed to her satin wedding dress.
    Hugs, Carole

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    I don't know how old I was when I first tried on one of my mom's panties, but I was old enough to be left home alone without a babysitter.

    My younger brother was in a peewee hockey league, and my parents would take him to the game and stayed while he played. It was a very reliable hour and a half.

    Once, they went to a game and came right back. The ice making machinery had broken and they couldn't play. Fortunately, I had been engrossed in a movie and hadn't started to put on any lingerie.

    The first time I put on my mom's panties, I barely got them around my ankles before I got quite aroused. I would get to do this every week during hockey season.

    My mom's panties were all folded and very organized, so I made a map of where everything came from so I could put it all back correctly. I quickly progressed from panties to girdles and bras. I was watching an old movie where Lauren Bacall pulled up her stocking and fastened them to her girdle. The next time I had an opportunity, I tried on mom's stockings.

    Eventually, I tired on her lipstick, and then her earrings and other jewelry.

    Once, my mom's lingerie draw was all messed up. I thought it might be a trap, and I knew that I would never would be able to but her lingerie back undetected. This gave me the incentive to look around the house to find something else to wear. It turned out that my mom had put a lot of her old clothes and jewelry away downstairs. Among the clothes down there was a heavily beaded formal gown that I loved to try on. I was never zipped it up all the way, because I was afraid I would not be able to get out of it by myself.

    Boy, these are some wonderful memories.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    Long ago, I slipped into my first pair of panties. They were purple with tiny white stars. The panties were a bikini cut made of soft cotton with a tiny lace trim along the waist. I felt excited and nervous as if I was doing something deliciously forbidden. My head was spinning. Around the same time, I paired the panties with a demi bra. It was lightly lined for a subtle lift and had underwire cups. It was probably made of nylon and spandex. I distinctly recall it was coconut white. The feeling was sublime!

    At some point during a hot summer evening of my (very) early teen life, when my parents were away, I did something really bold. I wore a complete feminine outfit while bike riding around in my neighbourhood. I had on a cap, bra, panties, denim short shorts, a thin t-shirt, and a flannel button up shirt tied about my waist. On my feet were sneakers. I walked into a convenience store and I purchased candy or a magazine; I forgot which exactly. But I do recall my heart was thundering the whole time!!
    I love film, fitness, and fashion. Those are the keys to unlock my heart.

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    I was about 9 or 10, I saw my mom's black lace bra...she left it draped over a towel rack in her bathroom and I slipped it on without even thinking and I was enthralled. I even put tennis balls in the cups mom, as much as she'd hate it, was my introduction to crossdressing lol

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    My first experience with crossdressing was before I could even remember. My mother and sister dressed me up in baby girl clothes when I went to see the doctor. I must have been less than a year old, so obviously I don't remember. I wonder if this was the spark that lite the fire. As for as my first time that I remember, I was 4 or 5 years old. My mother was down stairs ironing and watching her soap opera's . I put on bra girdle and nylons. It was the thing to do I loved it. I got caught up in the thrill of the silky material, that I didn't hear my mother coming up the stairs. I ran as fast as I could and hid in the closet. It was the first place my mother looked for me. I felt so embraced. My mother never said a thing after the fact. Daviolin

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    I was really young, but, cannot remember the exact age. My mother use to hang laundry to dry in the hallway on the way to the bedrooms in our apartment. I had to either dodge the hanging clothes or wade through the clothes. I discovered the unique feeling on brushing against her nylon slips on the clothesline. I loved the feeling of the fabric. It was like none of the boy clothes I wore. I would fondle the fabric. There was also a drying rack hanging from the bathroom ceiling over the bath tub. She also hanged her clothes from that rack including those nylon slips. I know I was really young because I remember I had to stand on the edge of the bath tub to undo the clothes pins to get the slips down. I finally had worked up the nerve to take them down and try them on. Later I delved into her nylon floor length nightgowns. Then it was her lingerie drawers with nylons, girdles, panties and bras. Until I grew out of he size I loved one of her summer dresses with a big sweeping skirt. I'm pretty sure my mother had an inkling someone was rustling through her lingerie drawers because someone (me) snapped a bra strap on her only black bra. Those were the days of fabrics that did not stretch.

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    I played Mothers and Fathers with the girls next door, I was four and liked to ride in the pram.

    They dressed me up in baby clothes and took me down to the shops.

    As I grew older I would go to their place for sleepovers, they even supplied a nightie or pajamas for me.

    One weekend we went out visiting together as three girls.

    No one seemed to notice.

    Great fun all round.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I remember trying on my mothers tights when I was 10 or 11 and was instantly hooked. I did not go beyond that for a long time due to fear and paranoia. I'm a runner so when running tights came onto the market I was in heaven and have been running and working out in them for years. Finally when I was about 55 (better late than never) I started dressing more fully. I remember buying some cheap makeup at the drugstore and putting it on. I must have looked awful lol. Nonetheless I kept on going. Had a few makeovers and learned the techniques. I'm 64 now and still hold up pretty well.

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    I gave up on that one , I told my whole story in the TS section after telling it in this section , after all this time I was looking for someone that may relate to mine , and all I got for my trouble was being slammed for mentioning AGP . I had to go away from th forum to find my answers so now I don 't bother , I know what makes me tick I'm over it and now just enjoying my dressing , no guilt or shame .

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    I think I was 5 or six. Didn’t have a sister. Our next door neighbor had two daughters,who liked to play “dress up”. One day, they asked me if I’d like to join them. At first, I said “no”, but something inside me (pink fog?) said OK. The instant I put nylons on, I was hooked. The rest followed.

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    Hi Juliana , At around 4years old clomping in Mom's heels. >Orchid......
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    I have a sister who is two years older than me and I suppose I must have been about 12 or 13 when I started to wear her bras and panties when I could. I can still remember how good it felt and the feeling has never gone away.

    I have crossdressed on and off ever since. During my marriage I tried to get my ex-wife to accept my wearing, but she just could not get her head around it. So for most of my life it has always been on occasions when I could do so without being seen. I switched to wearing panties full time many years ago after my marriage ended but anything else still had to be once in a while.

    Since I retired I now have so much more time to be myself and I wear a bra almost all the time these days with stockings or tights when It's not too hot. Most days I can be found in a skirt and top but as I never go all the way with make-up and a wig it is always just around the home and garden. If I have to go out it's always trousers, jeans or shorts - but I'm always under-dressed with at least bra and panties.

    The only time I have to tone down my wearing these days is if I am going to be with family or friends. I do not want to cause a problem by having them discover my dressing so I restrict my wearing to just panties. I keep my legs hair free all the time and they see me in shorts but I don't think they have ever wondered why.

    I am hoping to get my GP to prescribe hormones to enlarge my breasts and if that happens I suppose a time will come when I will need to wear a bra, but I will have to face that if and when it ever happens.

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    I remember that about 5 or 6 walking in my moms heels and with her panties on.
    Part Time Girl

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    I was a young child playing in my sisters clothes. 8 or 9. I stopped for years and after my children were grown I started back. First just panties and worked my way to present full dress and wig. Even today I am still working on my craft. The end goal is to blend in so well that I'm not even noticed.


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    Mixed memories... But a spanish dancer carnival dress of my cousin was probably my first full dress...I was 6 I think. My aunt put some red lipstick on my cheecks too. There should be a photo somewhere. I felt so beautiful!!
    The best dress in my wardrobe? A happy smile!

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    I started dabbling in my early 20's and started fully dressing in my 40's so there was about 20 years or so that I was just basically underdressing and hiding everything. When I was 16 my parents went away on vacation for a week and I was home alone. that gave me a chance to experiment with my mother's makeup. I wasn't very good at putting it on and looked hideous.
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    3 older sisters with scenarios
    Who knows what games were played before my memory kicked in and I knew what I liked

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    I remember being about 5 or 6, trying on my mothers girdles. From about 10 to 16, I would sneak into the
    bathing suit change room at my Grand-Pa lake house, and try on the girls one piece bathing suits.
    After the time in the Service, I got married, and would go out and buy girdles, the long one piece type,
    and wear them under my street clothes. My first wife went crazy, How dare I wear such things.
    Later after a hard divorce, I started to buy a few skirts, long line bra's and tops. I even found some 3" heals
    I could wear. 15 years later I found a great girl, got married, but I first let her know I liked to dress.
    She was OK with that, just do not embarrass her by going outside; I could never pass in a million years.
    Now she has passed, I am retired, and have more time to dress around the house.

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    I was in my 60's, hadno idea that this was going to happen and fell in love with the entire process and feeings that go with it. I am now a very commited dresser and out to my entire family. Love it,

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    I believe the first event was when I was about 4. I had no costume for halloween so my mom had me wear my sister's coat. At somewhere between 6-8 my sister had one of those big dolls that came with silky white panties. I wore them for a week before my mom discovered me wearing them. I also remember playing dress up with some kids down the street (girls and boys) and wearing high heels. Don't know how old I was for that one!

    When puberty hit I had intense curiosity about trying on my sister's dress. I put it on and got an amazing, instant erection. Been hooked ever since.
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    I was 12 wondered what it was like to wear a skirt saw one of my sisters skirts contemplated trying it on for about 20 minutes. Finally I pulled it on and was instantly hooked. I wore that skirt after school for an hour each day for like a week until my sister wore it to school. Then I had to find another skirt to wear. The second one was much shorter and my boxers stuck out so I had to then try panties. After that I started trying on other things.

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