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Thread: Another little observation

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    Another little observation

    As I type this I have the chance to be what I refer to in my diary as PF, partly femme. That means I'm in knickers, skirt and cami.

    So browsing this site on my tablet I've become aware that as I tap to open a post etc. I do it in what I can only describe as a femme way. By that I mean I hold my hand with the fingers slightly curved and I tap with more delicate movements than I seem to if using the tablet in drab.

    It seems it's one of those subconscious things that we slip into when "non drab".

    I suppose the more time spent in any way dressed will allow these mannerisms to seep into our inner selves. My time spent out and about is a fraction of that enjoyed by many here but it's been sufficient such that when I do step outside those changes to body posture, walk etc. happen automatically. I was just that little bit surprised that my being "PF" had the same effect.

    Who'd thought just a few items if clothing could trigger such changes?
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    I find it happens to me also, for some reason when I'm cooking in the kitchen I point my toes out when cutting or preparing something at the counter. Or when I'm on the phone I sit crossed legged again with my toe pointing forward.

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    I'm getting very bad at remembering to remove my nail polish , so often when typing I can see painted nails which does appear to make a difference when typing .
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    Likewise Helen, I find I use the ring finger of my right hand to access tabs on my phone and tablet. I have permanently longer nails than a male would so find it much easier and, yes, more feminine

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    I find that I cross my legs as if i am wearing a skirt even in boy mode. Also when I'm Karen and doing household chores I have naturally limp wrists.

    Karen Sue

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    Funny those little things we do out of our gender. Growing up with three sisters I can still hear my mother admonishing my sisters about "acting like a lady" when I find myself doing those little things that add up to our over all femme image and make it easier to be us. I guess I was taught right, whether I knew it or not, nature or nurture or maybe both. I work with my hands in a very macho occupation but let my nails grow a little, polish them, put on some rings and wow what a change in usage, and I talk with my hands alot.
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    It may of course be a bit disturbing to sense that one is really not so firmly anchored to the gender one was born into.

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    Yes, I too find myself taking on feminine mannerisms when dressed. I am especially conscious of walking and sitting in a more feminine manner. Crossing my legs in a womanly way and making sure that my legs are close together when bending down are essential.

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    Subconsciously you probably have PF most of the time , when you are wearing feminine clothing just makes you more aware of your surroundings.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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