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Thread: Buying for him

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    Looking through Kmart last week passing through the men’s section, a jacket caught my eye.. not in my size, typical. Still can’t find it in my size after looking at 3 different stores. So I bought make up instead.
    I really hate shopping for men’s clothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth G View Post
    When I'm shopping for men's clothes I have far less interest so it actually takes me less time because I can't or don't care to decide so I just grab something. Shopping for women's clothes is far more interesting so I can really drag it out and enjoy the experience.
    That is exactly it.
    I enjoy buying femme clothes, even tho i only wear them for a small amount of time when at home. (excep underdressing in public) I really enjoy thinking about what to choose, all those lovely colours, fabrics, styles. The whole shopping experience is somehow special.
    Buying male clothes is an uninteresting necessity for me, just get it over with asap.
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    For me guy shopping is much simpler that girl shopping.

    For guys; There are pants in only a few different colors (black, blue, grey, tan). Shirts in similarly limited numbers of colors. The cut is intended to be either slim, regular or loose fit. Shoes? Black, brown.

    For girls; pants/slacks in multiple colors to pick from. Oh, an leggings perhaps? Tops in all kinds of different colors, sizes, necklines, sleeve length, cuts. Shoes? lots of different colors, heels or flats? Something in between? Basic black shoes? No such thing.

    So yes, girl shopping takes longer. In addition to all the choices, you also need to consider how the style fits the occasion and if it enhances your attributes or hides figure flaws. Plus, the need to consider how it goes with the rest of your closet.
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    No problem for me. haven't bought male clothes in years.
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    guy shopping is not nearly as fun a ladies shopping. Either way the wife normally goes with me and we have fun with it.


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    Hi Sophie , I always take pride in my appearance En-Drab & En-Femme,
    Although I tend to spend way more time in the feminine section of the stores . >Orchid......
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

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    Hello Sophie,
    shopping for men's clothes is so BORING. I know what I am going to buy - it is the same as I always buy. Apart from hats!
    But women's shops are just full of new fashions - I could never get bored and can do it for hours.
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    I don't shop for men's clothes any more, none of them interest me in the least. My wife occasionally buys me something from the men's dept. though. I wear womens jeans and slacks all the time and T-shiers of ladies polos. I love shopping in Kohls ladies department, just love it. Men's clothes, no interest at all.

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    My wife buys most of the men's clothes. I buy most of the women's clothes and jewelry. I wear all of the men's and most of the women's.

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