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Thread: I have a question that can't be answered anywhere else!

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    Question I have a question that can't be answered anywhere else!

    I hope I don't offend anyone? I'm just very curious!

    It's common knowledge that M to F dressers can get turned on by their own female images. AGP is an extreme version of this.

    However, I've never heard mention of GG's getting correspondingly excited by dressing as men. And, I wondered about transmen? Do many or any F to M trans get excited seeing them selves as males?
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    I've been coming to this subforum for weeks and never see any movement! Where are the guys???

    I was hoping an FTM peoson would post the first response, but it's been so much time since this question has been posted I'll hazard a guess.

    First, while we T-girls, more often than not, are heterosexual, the same is not true for FTMs. My observation has been that they are more like 50/50 between gay and non-gay.

    Second, for all the travails MTF CDers have to go through to be feminine, FTMs have a much harder time attaining masculinity. It seems to me that it makes for better results for MTFs to emphasize femininity than to conceal masculinity. Conversely, It is harder (Imo) for FTMs to conceal femininity than it is for them to project masculinity.

    I have been researching what kind of clothing works best with my body type and found that female body types can be (and are) subdivided in many ways, not necessarily for scientific purposes, but commercial ones. There are hourglass figured women, pear-shaped women, diamond shaped women and about a dozen others. (No wonder women's clothing sizes are so confusing). All these FTM men of multiple shapes (and sizes) have to squeeze (or sag) into the far more limited range of clothing sizes made available for men. Furthermore, FTM crossdressers, consistent with other natural born females, are of a lower median height than most naturally born males. I think there's a 50/50 chance that an FTM CDer attracted to men would prefer a man that was taller than themselves. Speaking as a male CDer, I accept that I am a very tall (6'2") woman, but as I havd met women my height before, I find it normal and attractive. I imagine my fellow MTFs feel the same.

    Finally, males have two traits that females don't: we're visual creatures and we're awash in testosterone. FTM transexuals say that their libidos increase exponentially when they start HRT. Males are there already. Females are less likely to be enthralled by what they see in the mirror as their masculinity is, more often than not, a compromise.

    There. I kept this response bottled up for weeks. Feel good to get it out, right or wrong.

    What happened to all the guys? I'm new to the forum and don't want to be overly critical, but they must have left for a reason. This makes me sad. Nothing worse than being in all-female company.


    Tina V.

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    I am glad you finally got that out. Keeping things bottled up is not good for any one.

    As to where the guys are well I know a few have moved on since transitioning.

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    Maybe your question relates to the conquest element in a male brain , the sexual aspect being associated with his male dominance . Whereas a female doesn't naturally have that instinct even when she's on T hormones , the submissive element is a carryover .

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