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Thread: Trans Friendly Doctors and GP’s Register

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    Exclamation Trans Friendly Doctors and GP’s Register

    I thought this might be useful -
    I saw someone post this link on Facebook - this appears to be a charity and a place for people to rate their doctor, or find doctors others have rated...

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    This looks like a great resource for those of us in the UK.

    Thank you for posting it
    Check out this link if you are wondering about joining Safe Haven.

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    just added my GP with a nice review. He's been awesome. Site's easy to use to add more trans-friendly doctors near you.
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    Many thanks for that , I found five listed for my location.

    Saying that I've never had a problem with GPs supporting my TG issues , I've had general counselling and also gender counselling through GP referrals . I've now moved to a new town and met my GP dressed , he was fine , in fact he wanted to talk more about those issues rather than the arthritis in my toes .

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    Sadly none for my area but hopefully that may change when I pluck up the courage to visit my own GP (or it may not) ..but thanks for posting this anyway

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