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Thread: A little heart broken.

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    A little heart broken.

    So, its been a while since I was last on and a lot has happened.

    Two days ago, I visited my Primary Care Physician at the VA Health Care Center I now go to.

    I spoke with her about a lot of things regarding my health and well being.

    One of the subjects I discussed was BA. A much needed step in my transition.

    Well, I just got a phone call from her office.

    I learned from that one short call that ALL VA facilities don't do bunk beyond HRT nation wide.

    I still have no access to a therapist.

    Instead I get stuck with a Shrink that wants to help me by stuffing more drugs down my throat. Drugs I want off of in the first place. Something he doesn't want to do. He doesn't listen to me and what I want do do.

    With that devastating blow about Breast Augmentaion. I'm at a new low at the moment.

    It doesn't mean I'm giving up. It just means I have to suffer a lot longer than I really wanted to.

    Logically speaking, I know I should be fine and all. But that really does absolutely nothing for my broken heart at the moment.
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    Saw some info that the VA is at least getting feedback on adding BA and other gender confirmation surgeries to the allowed list, but yeah, right now, I am pretty sure that HRT and therapy is as far as they go. I have heard they will also cover orchiectomy, but not the rest of bottom surgery, under current policies.

    Do you also qualify for Medicaid or Medicare? They cover more than the VA does.

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    Unfortunately, breast augmentation surgery and Facial Feminization Surgery are considered cosmetic and they usually won't pay for either! There are ways to work around this but that is beyond my understanding! Best wishes for success! hugs Lana Mae
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    I just appointment with therapist I see through VA (in Virginia Beach, VA). She is wonderful. So I know you can get seen by therapist within VA. Agree with about primary care and psychology at least at the clinic I go to, the experience wasn’t good...psychiatrist just wanted increase medication.

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    I feel your sadness. The VA is currently forbidden from doing any surgery for transition. I know the people at the VA hospitals I visit are really bummed out that they can't do more. And both they and all the residents/patients I've met are very, very accepting. As mentioned, the VA is currently collecting public comments to alter their surgery policy -- you should get yours on record. Google should be able to point you to the Federal Register site where you can file comments. Not much hope in the current political climate, but the thing about times is that they do change.

    One valuable thing that the VA *will* do (besides hormone therapy and counseling) is they will set you up with a speech pathologist if you want to retrain your voice. That's pretty cool.
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    Thank you all.

    I appreciate the comments.

    My heartbreak is connected to the simple fact that when I was preparing to move, I asked about these kinds of things when I spoke to the individuals that were in positions of authority connected to my clinic and the Facility.

    I specifically and directly asked and I was answered in the affirmative that they did cover everything except any of the bottom surgeries. This was back in November.

    When I am finally ready to take a next step, a door is slammed in my face and I'm foeced back into that stasis I was stuck in living in Mississippi.

    It gives me this perception of false appreciation of my service and forces me to disbelieve the thanks for my service I receive from staff durring every visit.

    I'm doing better and waiting for a phone call from the LGBT Director and Social Worked at the Facility.

    I'm hating the fact that all they seem to be able to do is send me into this game of phone tag that will ultimately lead to fruitless endeavor.

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    I fon’t know if it is allowed, but curious which city the clinic you attend is in. I do hope this question is allowed.

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