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Thread: HRT and Starting Age

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    HRT and Starting Age

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on this and other forums, particularly the TG forum, about the changes that can or not come from starting HRT. I hope this is the best place to post.

    I had a conversation with a doctor the other day where I expressed my surprise, and delight I might add, at the profound body changes I have experienced on HRT for the last eight months. I told her that at my age, 70, I had no expectations and thought that at best it would be years before I saw any results. I expressed the commonly help belief the HRT is effective for young people.

    Her response amazed me in that she said with her medical understanding it would be especially the older MTF HRT newbies that would experience the most significant changes, not the younger ones! The doctor's explanation was that those, particularly in their 60's and 70's already had a greatly reduce level of testosterone, plus their body's ability to "fight" the T-Blocker was also greatly reduced. The problem with HRT is not adding estrogen, but reducing the powerful hormone testosterone and its overriding effects on estrogen. The young ones in their 20's and 30's had high T levels to begin with and a strong endocrine system that would fight the T blockers!

    So this is a very interesting view, and certainly confirms someone like me. So one question is, because there seems to be quite a few older women here, are there others in their "senior" years that have just begun HRT and have experienced profound changes?

    The other point is that the studies of disappointing breast growth after one year on HRT are probably loaded with young participants. Are not the vast majority of transgenders beginning HRT today in the 20's and 30's? How many 60 or 70 year olds start HRT? So these studies might be largely irrelevant to the more mature population on this forum! Ladies, there might be a real advantage to our age!

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    I hope your doctor is correct. I started at 64 and been on HRT now for 5 months.

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    A lot of people have started HRT later in life. I started at 58 with good results. My starting T levels were very high - close to 1000 ng/dL. They didn’t come down easily, either.
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    I was middle 58 and I idn't have huge expectations for the same, the age it at 8 weeks I was scared of the breast grow, so the chest around, today I measure it again and is 1 inches. My breast is very noticeable but I doubt it will grow more.
    My mother in law the hasnt seen me in a year, when she me doing video conference ask me what's my secret that i look so young. In my face just eyebrows and a lot of people says the same, I guess is the hormones.
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    I hope that your doctor is correct. There will be a lot of late starters out with unexpected good results.

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    Hi Dori. I started HRT 40 months ago, right after my 59th birthday. About two months in, I had my first levels test. The E was up to 47 and my T was down at 86. My doctor said I must have been low T before the spironolactone. Normal male T is 250 to 1000.

    I just had a follow up test and E is 150 and T is 2. That’s right, TWO! I was quite happy with that. The doctor said I could increase my E dosage if I wanted, but I am happy where I am now.

    Over the past 3+ years, I have had some base breast growth, but I would barely fill an A cup. My upper thighs are slightly bigger as well. Keep in mind that I ramped up to my current levels of E over 18 months. I’ve only been at current dosage for 22 months and the E level has held around 150. Remember that this is post menopausal level.

    Bottom line is the older starters have the advantage of lower T at start and apparently benefit more from Spiro.
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    Hi Dori, it seems today is my answer HRT

    I started at 54, and I am coming up to a full year.
    My T level was borderline low for a male at my first blood test the day I started (without looking it up I think it was 304). At my last test it was 6. My E is was 97. After my first 3 month checkup, my Endo doubled my E dose and kept my T blocker the same. I have been on that dose since.

    As for physical changes. I have actually recorded them. I have lost muscle mass in my shoulders (-1"), & chest (-.5"), have gained in my bust (+1"), have lost in my band (-0.75") , have lost several inches on my waist (-3"), and gained in my hips (+1.5"). Luckily I was always nearly hairless, and what little I did get, is pretty much non existent now, or really that fine vellus type hair now. I no longer need to shave my forearms, my toes or my knuckles. I responded very well to laser, and while I still need to "shave" it is a couple of swipes with a razor that lasts several weeks (the razor, that is).
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