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Thread: How essential are forms in regards to your dressing?

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    Forms are #2 only to my wigs as an essential now.

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    Most of my outfits don't look right and sag around the chest without without forms. Since they were designed with a woman's chest in mind.

    I don't use them when going MIAD for cosplay though. It would look odd :P

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    When going out and about they are essential but sometimes(rarely)when staying home I will go without. A large part of being my femme self are breasts.
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    It may of course be a bit disturbing to sense that one is really not so firmly anchored to the gender one was born into.

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    If you are at all serious about dressing, a nice set of the proper size forms is essential. After going to Lane Bryant for a bra fitting, the ladies there taught me about projection and how important a factor that is when dressing. There are s many dresses and tops that are designed to accomodate a feminine bust and if you wear that top without a bust, it simply won't fit correctly. That said, when I first began to dress, I went for the "Big boob, Bimbo look" and just had to had DD cups with huge forms. My advisor had me go to the Mall with a clipboard and make not of how owmne my age were dressed when shopping. After a couple fo hours of doing so, I came back convinced to "Dress to blend in" with older women. That means a little looser straps on the bra which allows my forms to ride a little lower in my underwire bra. Each of us has different dressing objective and it will take some experimenting to achieve your desired look.

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    In the start, had stocking fill with rice , Water balloon,bra stuffed with soft material. As you move along, you will see what you want and need.

    It depends if you can afford a pair , you best to wait and bye a good pair, silicone. It will last better.

    Wanting something is a fantasy which on a long time period clouds your mind and makes you think you need it.


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    Hi Charlotte , ~~~~~ ( ABSOLUT )~~~~~ >Orchid ..OO..
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    It terms of size, i pretty much have that figured out.
    I already came to the conclusion that if i got any, I'd prefer C/B forms. (Maybe both just to have the option)

    I find something simple magical about taking on a more natural shape. Its a lot less raw, but a lot more sincere if those words are applicable.

    One of the bigger problems suppose is just how it is essentially impossible for me to find any in my skin tone. (Im african american).
    So while things like self adhering forms and the plates sound great, they aren't really practical for me.

    Another thing is that unbeknownst to me until recently, i came to realise that all of my non-sports bras are padded, which I heard isn't ideal.

    Lastly....i guess im just worried about people in my household finding them.
    Its one thing to find womans' underwear and clothes in your son/brother's room. But finding fake breasts is a whole other...

    There i go rambling again.

    In terms of finalcial, it really isn't too big a deal. And I guess emotionally i am ready. (Although I do worry if im going at it a bit to fast). Its more I guess that im...intimidated.

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    Forms for me are what differentiate me from a man; my shape... men don't have breasts, and it just goes from there... No mistaking that...

    At the makeup counter

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    Charlotte, I bought my first pair of forms on eBay at auction for about $30. B cup. My wife convinced me they were too small for my frame, I have purchased Cs and Ds as well..
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I can't do without mine any more - I effectively started my main crossdressing journey by buying the best pair I could find! There is just something about feeling their weight hanging from my chest and pushing against my arms, that just can't be replaced or fulfilled just by dressing alone. I think I would riot internally if I ever had to stuff my bra with old shirts and other things like I used to in my younger years. It would be better not to dress at all, if I couldn't use my forms.

    On the flip side, I spoiled myself silly by starting with custom made forms - now I can't really accept cheaper (but easier to wear forms) other than for convenience purposes, which really hits the wallet hard.
    - Jennifer -

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    There are many times that I dress in private that, for one reason or another (usually time constraints), I won’t go for wig and makeup. But I never go without my forms. They are essential to my femme experience, and of course a huge (no pun intended) part of the outfits that I wear.
    Not a woman, I just enjoy looking and feeling like one now and then!

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    I used water balloons for the longest time and finally splurged on some really nice breast forms. If I'm getting fully dolled up they are essential. I also have a really nice corset but don't use it much.

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    There was a member here a few years ago that pretty much insisted $400+ breast forms were necessary. To each their own huh?
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    I find them absolutely a part of being feminine. I would never dress as a woman without forms and a wig.

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    When I began to go out like many here I didn’t use them I used a variety of ways to give the right look.
    Then I bought my first set then got another set and I do love them as they help give me I think a more natural look which
    for me is important when out

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    They may not be necessary, but they are a great figure making accessory.

    I could not leave home without them now.
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    and beauty will follow.

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    The first time I put on a wig (a long time ago) I got this tingly feeling inside, the first time I put of false eyelashes a few weeks ago, that feeling returned. I have a set of forms, I can't wait to get dressed up with them on, I know that's going to feel soooo good.

    As I go further into getting dressed up, I find I have more and more 'essentials,' maybe it's the addictive nature of crossdressing, maybe it's just me...

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    Decades ago when my wife discovered my vivid red Vanity Fair bra she asked, "Why would a man wear a bra when he has nothing to pack into one?" Valid question. Back then I was using a Nerf ball I had cut in half to fill my bras. No weight. No bounced. The answer I would have to my wife's query is there is more to wearing the clothes than just the clothes. It is part of the mind set. If you're going to emulate a woman, then you have to look like a woman and act like a woman. Most women have boobs that are noticeable. Some women are flat chested.

    I still have those Nerf ball halves in a box. But, I have opted for water balloons. I view them as an inexpensive route to having a female form. I can enhance the cup size to reflect how I want to appear any given time. I have not had a problem with leakage or bursting. The main reason for me is to have the feeling of the weight and movement any improvised breast would have. Water balloons or manufactured breast forms serve the same purpose.

    Hair? Suffering from male pattern baldness generates the need for a wig just as if I was a woman suffering from hair loss.

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    I always prefer to wear forms when dressing as they fill my clothing out nicely and presents the female figure that I appreciate.

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    When I first started forms were mandatory but now it really depends on the outfit, my mood, and the look I am trying to achieve.

    So now it could be anything from my natural little boobies to one of three pairs of forms in three sizes.

    BTW: I am not wearing forms in my profile picture, just a padded push up bra.
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    When I started, nearly 5 years ago, my first priority - other than the clothes themselves - was a heavily padded bra. I have an A-cup chest without forms, but the bra made me look like I had a decent C-cup. It even looked like I had a bit of cleavage! And the clothes fit so much better with that bra on! But I was only admiring the look in the mirror, while home alone.

    My second priority was a wig. Had to cover my obvious male pattern baldness. My first few wigs were just costume-store junk. $20 to $30 long wigs that had too much of a plastic sheen to them to pass for real. I still wasn't going out in public yet. Heck, I still had a full beard, so there was no way I could pass for female then!

    But it wasn't long before I wanted to go out and be seen. For that, shaving off the beard, getting silicone breast forms and foam hip pads and a better wig, and learning to use makeup were essential for me, as was working on my feminine speaking voice. I also learned to tuck 'the boys' out of sight, using a thong-type gaff. Wow! I couldn't believe the difference it all made! That padded bra looked nice, but felt like firm foam couch cushions, not breasts. The moment I hugged someone, or tried dancing close, it would be obvious they were just padding. No jiggle or give at all. So I bought some silicone breast forms from Janet's Closet - the older style with a polyurethane cover and some liquid silicone in the middle. Put them in a pocket bra, and wow! When I moved, and especially when I danced, I jiggled and bounced like a real lady in a light-control bra! I think those breast forms were one of the biggest points in giving me the confidence to go out in public. The hip pads helped a lot to enhance my figure. And the makeup really transformed my face. I was ready to be seen in public!

    About that same time, I also started wearing female clothes that were marginally unisex while presenting male. Women's panties under women's stretch denim jeans, a women's belt, women's sneakers, and eventually women's sandals, worn with unisex t-shirts. No heels, skirts or obviously female blouses. No wig, makeup or forms. First glance said male attire, but the details said female. So I was still 'dressing', just not overtly feminine.


    Fast forward 4 years. I am now living most of my public life as a woman, and am about to commit to full transition. My best wig is real human hair, 20" long, and cost way too much. I have at least 8 other wigs, less expensive synthetic ones, in a variety of natural colors, lengths and styles. I have a selection of 6 different kinds of breast forms, ranging from C-cup to DD-cup, and mostly solid silicone or gel type ones. Which breast forms I wear depend on the clothing I want to wear, and on how much I want to blend in, or attract attention. Most of the clothes in my wardrobe are female, and the only time in the last year that I recall wearing completely male attire was to attend a funeral for a woman who had been the mother of a male friend, and that woman had only ever known me as a male.

    If I had to rank what was important to me now, it depends on if I am trying to present as female or not.

    Presenting male, the clothes are almost all that matters. I have pierced ears now and always wear earrings, and I have my nails done with acrylic nails and feminine color and shaping 24x7. But I don't need anything else to feel comfortable in public in women's jeans, wedge sandals and a t-shirt, possibly even carrying a purse.

    Presenting as a female, my ranking would be my gaff thong, then my wig, then makeup, then the breast forms, and then hip pads. I've gone out in public in a bikini, with just the gaff thong, wig, breast forms and makeup, and passed quite well. I think I could possibly pass as female with just the gaff, wig and makeup, but the breast forms put the lock on it, for me. So yes, for presenting in public as a woman, I feel breast forms are essential.
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    I thought forms would be absolutely necessary and in fact bought a pair of forms before I even owned a bra.

    When I came out to a friend and had her check the forms, she remarked at how heavy they were, and she was right. I also didn't like that their color did not match my skin tone and how cold they felt against my body when I put them on.

    Since then, I have purchased some bras and bathing suits. What I found is that there are some tops (like underwire bras) that retain their boob shape regardless of whether the wearer has boobs or not. That's how I do my tops now. Plain empty bras. My silicone forms are in their box, collecting dust. Maybe I'll convert them into a pair of naughty bookends.


    Tina V.

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    I have boob forms which I like but they don't look that much better under clothes than the good old water balloons I used to use, they do feel better however. I'm also a relatively recent convert to hip pads, essential now if going out but not always worn in the house.
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    3/5, I use them when I can but there are items such as bralets and crop tops that won't work with them
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    I use them. I don’t like the look of me without them when en femme. They can be heavy and font match my skin also but I don’t wear reviling clothes. I have considered a chest plate so I can show cleavage but I have to find the colar. Overall I love them.

    I have two types. Foam and silicon. The silicon feels more real but is heavy and don’t breath sweaty chest... the foam is lighter and breathes well but the feel is now the same as real breasts and they absorb sweet and nerf to be cleaned differently than the silicon ones which takes more time.
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