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Thread: Transgender vs Crossdresser as an easy way to describe ourselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micki_Finn View Post
    I’ll be honest... I’m not entirely sure how important a label is. I’ve never been grilled that hard by the general public that I’ve had to explain “what I am”.
    I feel similar to what you say Micki. In the general public I don't talk to many people to have to tell them what I am. I am at a store to buy stuff not to tell my life's story.

    With that said, when I come to certain online web sites such as this one I use transsexual and if I do talk to someone in the general public then I am a woman.
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    I don't think that's matter of labels but for me this site has been a huge help as an informal research with the personal experiences exposed many time in an honest and sincere way. So.e may be want to presume what they are. My case I feel proud of my state is now and I don't longer feel crossdresser for many reason that I had exposed so if someone can read my comments and feel identify with my current journey is great.
    Some other look down crossdressers as well some crossdresser could look us like weird people. So for me, labels are not important because is impossible to define de exact border when you stop being something and begin wing something else but at the end of the day our own definition s of ourselves help others to find d their on journey and find ally peace of mind.
    That was my case when I came here. I was convinced Cedric on being a bisexual croosdresser, then I thought I was an homosexual transexual but after a bit more than 100 days in HRT I'm very clear about my heterosexual preferences and how I want to trace my life. I wouldn't be able to achieve that if weren't for the hormones. How I decide for hormones? Because I saw the others experiences before and after and that helped me to find d my own journey and label. I'm a trasgender.
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    I'm just fine with transgender. I just sort of transfer from my male side to my female side.


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    I usually keep things to myself in public. If they ask, I'll tell them.

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    I used to say transgender or transsexual even when I was still dressing up as a girl
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanessa Grandy View Post
    Ginni, Pixie, what are the arguments that make you arrive to that conclusion? If I can ask, because that would explain better the difference instead to know who is anything...txs
    Hello, Vanessa. I'm sorry if I'm late.
    I have arrived to that conclusion by some introspection after someone suggested I was "genderfluid" (it was a time in which I was so unsure, that the image would be completed if I had a Tumblr account, my hair dyed in a bright color and an SJW agenda), then when I told a friend about it, they suggested that I might be trans, which only made me have worse self-conflicts than when trying to accept that I like to crossdress.

    It was a time in which my mood was prone to plummet down, but some friends helped me not to fall in a depression or anything similar. Then, when I was way calmer, I stopped and researched well and thought. I know I'm a guy, I have no problem about it, I like to wear women's clothing and trying to look girly/pretty/cute, but not to the point of wanting to go through risky hormone treatments or surgery. I hope this explains it better.

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    I don't have a label. To anyone interested I have a hobby and I particularly like skirts. To those who want to know more I can describe or show more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isabella Ross View Post
    For the love of ___, for the last time, we crossdress because we are transgendered. It doesn't matter how much we crossdress, on what day, at what time...we dress as women because we are transgendered. What's so hard to accept about that? Being transgendered means you occupy some position on a continuum that has, at one extreme, people who feel powerfully compelled to transition, and, at the other extreme, people who like to occasionally dabble in something like wearing lingerie because they enjoy feeling feminine (or, in the case of F2M, wearing men's work clothes because they enjoy feeling masculine).
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    When I'm male, it's in sync with my biology, and I'm a "male".
    When I'm a female, I'm out of sync, and therefore "transgendered".
    If I was male, in sync with my bio, and in a dress, I would be a "man in a dress" (happened a few times unexpectedly, personality switch, due to external events)
    Yesterday at work, in close discussion with another male, while in work uniform, I accidently dropped into girl mode - has anyone got a label for that?

    So when you ask me about my label, the "when" is very important
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    I prefer thinking of it as a bit of "gender dysphoria". For me, a set of forms has a huge calming influence. I don't need to go "all female". How one would label that I have no clue.

    We are all bit different. We're a bit different from each other and... our "group" of people is a bit different than mainstream society.

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    I think that when I first started crossdressing it was just about the clothes. I don't recall feeling back then that I was in the wrong body, but that could have been that I was just not aware of my true feelings.

    I realise now that it has probably always been more than just the dressing, but, given my circumstances, I could never do more to address that issue. I would probably classify myself as being gender fluid these days and I am far happier presenting as feminine rather than masculine - but I still have to be masculine at times and I can live with that.

    I'm sure there are a lot like me out there that feel in tune with being feminine but don't want to transition to become a woman.

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    Sasha, yes, there are others, very much like you

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