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Thread: What’s the nicest thing that’s been said to a woman

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    A girlfriend of mine said I looked so charming in a picture I sent her of me in my long, Navy lace evening gown. Oh, I could have just swooned!
    As Sweet As I Can Ever Be

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    I had a period of time when I could not dress. When I was able to my wife said it is so nice to have you back. I missed you.

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    I was in a Bar in Las Vegas and this couple (husband and wife) the woman said ... I love your figure.
    She said the like how my top showed off my curves.
    She asked if my breasts ... I told her the best money could buy and we both laughed.
    I felt great to be complemented by a gg.

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    Recently, I’ve had two...both SA’s. One at Macy’s and one at Payless shoes. The Macy’s SA smiled (definitely a good sign) and said, “you look nice”. I smiled and thanked her. The SA at Payless smiled and asked me if I did my own makeup. I smiled and said “yes”. Both had nice eye contact and told me to come back. They both showed me their name tags. Makeup wise, I had a good day, eyeliner, mascara all worked well....there are days, you know. 👄💄 Needless to say, I was on cloud #9 and smiled all the way home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaisyLawrence View Post
    Call me cynical if you like, I'm sure all these things I've read here on this thread are true and were said/heard, but (and it's a big but) I am not so sure it is prudent to assume all were said with sincerity.
    Ah Daisy you old grinch LOL!! What does it matter if some of them were intended as insults but we choose instead to interpret it in a way that makes us happier and more confident for next time out. CDs for the win LOL!
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    I recently bought a dress in drab and as the SA asked what size she is, I said she is a 14. I added the she is me. She was a little taken back but said that it was a lovely dress and a the colors would suit me. About a week later I was looking for shoes and the SA assumed that they were for me and offered to help me try them on. I begged of and she said no problems return them if they don't fit. She then asked if I would like a matching bag. I was hesitating and she said it will match your eyes beautifully. Flattery I'm sure it was, but absolutely a sale it was also. She went on to say I should come in dressed some time. I smiled and said, Maybe............

    Felt so good

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    When trying on dresses in Macy's or Dillard's I have a habit of leaving the fitting room to use the better lit large three way mirrors in the women's common area. It's fun to get the reaction of other GG's who are there doing the same thing. When I am told something looks nice on me in that circumstance it it more heartfelt I think. It's also nice when A GG asks my opinion of how a piece of clothing looks on her. It's also fun in the fitting rooms when everyone helps each other zip up the clothing they are trying on.

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    My story involves a very attractive woman ("Mel") I encountered in an lgbt club a few years ago. She walked up to where I was seated and asked if I wanted to dance, and we hit the floor. That was nice, it only got better. Back at the bar, she asked if she could buy me a drink. I typically do not have any booze when I am driving, so I let her buy me a Coke. We got on great and talked like old friends. It was an amazing connection. As it grew late into the evening, she "leveled" with me. Mel leaned in and said, "I'm very attracted to you, and that's scary because I am a lesbian. It's just something about your mix of the masculine and the feminine." Of course I was floored and flattered, but things kinda got awkward after her revelation. The evening ended with her giving me her number and talking about the possibility of connecting again the following evening. I never followed up, and she remains simply a pleasant memory.
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    At a hotel I frequent some of the staff know me as Jamie, and we have a lot of fun. One night I got ready after work and changed into Jamie and went down to the front desk, and the girl at the desk had heard about me, but hadn't seen Jamie yet. I stopped in at the front desk to say hi, and when she saw Jamie she said "oh my God, you're beautiful! We had a nice chat about how much guys would appreciate girls more if they knew how much effort it takes to look good. She was wonderful, and made me feel great! What a sweetie! Love those folks at that hotel...

    At the makeup counter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eemz View Post
    Ah Daisy you old grinch LOL!! What does it matter if some of them were intended as insults but we choose instead to interpret it in a way that makes us happier and more confident for next time out. CDs for the win LOL!
    Now that’s what I call a positive attitude! We all need more of that. Crissy

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    This summer I was out in an ivory skirt and knitted top with a sixties flair. Walking past a couple having lunch on a restaurant patio the wife says “she must be a model!”

    But my favourite comment was last week. A woman in her eighties stopped me and said “gee you look nice!” Nobody says gee anymore, it was very endearing

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    Two things come to mind. First, a simple, "You look beautiful" by an understanding waitress at a restaurant. The second biggest compliment has been when I get a funny look upon presenting my ID, as the genders don't match. I take that as a compliment because it means I look drastically-enough different (and perhaps somewhat believable as a woman) that it raises eyebrows during an ID check.
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    "What'll it be, ladies?"

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    "Have fun, beautiful" by a drive thru cashier.

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