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Thread: What’s the nicest thing that’s been said to a woman

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    Member Jessicajane's Avatar
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    May 2011

    What’s the nicest thing that’s been said to a woman

    I ve had compliments.. they matter to me ...I try really really hard...and stress way too much about how I present but a well placed compliment is cherished long after the conversation has ended...

    Ok I’ve not had loads or over the top gushing ones but regardless it always lifts the spirits ...

    some compliments I ve had are clearly aimed at helping my confidence if I am uncomfortable or looking awkward in a social setting....some have been decidedly double edged !!

    I guess the ones that stick in the mind are from strangers you meet at the checkout or similar who tell you you have presented really guy in a servo (petrol station) told me he had to look twice....I think there was a compliment deeply hidden in there..! but he went in to buy me a was quickly forgiven.

    One of the nicest I had was on here when seeing a photo I put up someone commented I looked like a soccer mum...that’s exactly how I feel ...not a glamour puss or diva just a soft every day older gal juggling family and work

    .just wondered what people have said to you...share your best compliments.....
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    Platinum Member Beverley Sims's Avatar
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    You have a terrific figure.

    That was said by a guy when I was twenty.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    “You’re the same person as always, just with nicer clothes!” A female friend after meeting me en femme for the first time. We spent the afternoon together talking about all this and more.
    Have you the belief that the road ahead
    Ascends off into some lights

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    "you've got great legs", from a gentleman who treated me like his date all night at the club

    "you've lost weight and look great", from a sales lady at Cache.

    "I think you are sexy", another gentleman caller.......

    "you're so feminine", from my wife.

    "Your eyes are so beautiful", girls at the club.

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    Aspiring Member dana digs sweaters's Avatar
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    "Are you a girl?"
    From a lesbian at a lesbian bar
    A few free drinks and a nice little conversation from her

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    I was at the mall one day and using the ladies room. When I came out of the stall and was washing my hands there was a group of 3 little girls at the hand dryer. It was very powerful and one little girl with long hair was standing under it as if it were a hurricane and they were all laughing and giggling. The mother of one was standing there also. As I approached the mother said to the girl, "ok, that's enough, let the nice lady use it too". We smiled at each other and they left. I dried my hands, smiling at the encounter and left too, feeling wonderful.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    Always Kristine krissysSecret's Avatar
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    Kansas..Land of Oz
    "Thank you ma'am, I love your blouse and earrings " from the woman at the drive through. I had a great feeling the rest of the day!

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    Pink Fog
    Well said, Jessica. I too cherish these few comments even years later.

    From a passerby in a hotel lobby: “You look beautiful!”

    From a front desk worker at a different hotel, who I asked to take my photo: “I like your dress, it’s pretty”.

    From a guy hanging out of the passenger side of his truck (a scrub?): “Owwww!”

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    A middle-aged straight told me I looked "beautiful" when I wore a Lily Pulitzer dress to the Philadelphia Orchestra.

    A 20something woman told me she loved how I dressed.

    A middle-aged woman told me I had "fabulous legs".

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    The lingerie dept.
    "Can I buy you dinner?"
    I used to have a short attention spa

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    Midlands UK

    I was sat in my car one evening making a phone call. A GG in her early twenties walked by and I saw her say something to me. I immediately assumed it was less than complementary and when she walked around to the drivers door I had to hang up the call thinking I was in for further abuse. Well when she got level with the door I realised she was saying, "You look amazing". I suppose I can't have looked that good or I wouldn't have been read but I must have been doing something right. She had a young boy with her who looked at me with a puzzled expression for a few moments and then asked, "Are you a man?" Bless him.

    Shows we shouldn't jump to conclusions and made my evening!
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    Twin Cities, MN
    I have had the pleasure of having many nice things said to me. However, the best one is probably when a GG woman said to my GG friend: "Carole is a GG, right"? My friend answered "No, but she will be delighted to know that you think so".
    Hugs, Carole

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    Southern Illinois
    When I dress, I always ask my wife, “Well?” When she smiles and says, “you look great”. It’s a great day. I always ask for her help and advice and sometimes she offers suggestions. Sometimes, I wear too much makeup. A very nice SA at our Payless Shoe store told me how nice I looked. She even went to the store room and brought out some shoes she thought I’d like. I bought four pair. It was my voice, at checkout that gave me away....something I have to work on. She just smiled and said “come back soon”. I smiled all the way home. While shopping and getting gas, I’ve received several smiles from women and, yes, I smile back. It is exhilarating. 👄

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    Lisa Allisa's Avatar
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    s.nj near Berlin
    Mostly I get compliments on my jewelry or skirt's and dresses but from woman. There is one I remember from a middle aged man when he referenced to me as a "young woman" which made me chuckle loudly.
    "you are a strange species and there are many out there;shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you ,you are at your best when things are at their worst" ...[ Starman]
    It may of course be a bit disturbing to sense that one is really not so firmly anchored to the gender one was born into.

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    First of all I think you have a really natural female face , you like the soccer mum label , I'm not sure about that but I can't see why you should have any problems . As for the older gal , forget it, it makes me feel ancient !!

    Nicest compliment ?
    My recent trip to meet my art group's exhibition dressed was pushing the boat out for me , one member who I sit next to in class ( in drab ) didn't recognise me dressed so when we finally met up she told me she was trying to work out who the pretty lady was .

    The one that stopped me in my tracks is when another customer saw me in the changing area trying on a swimsuit , she looked me up and down and said, " I wish I looked like you ! " What can you say to that ?

    I have had others but I still don't believe it's happening to me . I tried on a dress in a store , it really did look lovely , I almost apologised to the SA saying , " I shouldn't look like this , when I've spent most of my life dressed as a man ! " Another SA overheard the comment and said , " What's your problem just enjoy it !"
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    out and about
    While trying on dresses in a Dress Barn, another customer told me that my dress I was trying was made for me.

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    I usually get compliments on my legs - or shoes.

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    One of the first times I fully dressed in front of my new wife when I was 20 she said, "You look fabulous as a woman! I'd never be able to tell. I don't think anybody could tell. It's really unnerving." Another very memorable one... I was out of town on one of my girl trips. I was still in male mode. I'd already gotten my nails done and was getting my hair done, sitting in the chair with my hair in curlers getting ready to go under the dryer. The salon was not busy, and one of the other stylists came over to talk to me and my stylist. I don't remember much of the conversation except that she said "SHE even has HER nails done!" I frequently got ma'am, she, and her in fem mode, but this was the first time I'd ever gotten it in male mode. I can't even explain how that made me feel!! That lady has no idea how much that meant to me. She probably wondered if she should even say it. She seemed to say it without even thinking about it. It was a long time ago, and it still just makes me feel good to think about it.

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    Mid -Coast Maine
    My wife has never been comfortable with my dressing so I try not to make her uncomfortable. The other morning I was out making the coffee and cleaning up the dirty dishes and as my wife never gets up until I wake her up I felt I was safe to prance around in my ladies undergarments. Suddenly I notice my wife standing next to me and the first thing she said was "Wow, you really have great girly legs" I wanted to cry!

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    A few years ago, I had the winner of Holland's Got Talent hit on me with all sorts of classy compliments.
    If I'm a CD, then who or what is a DVD??

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    While it is nice to be complemented on a piece of clothing or an accessory, the complement that meant the most to me was when my friend told me that she forgets that I'm actually a guy.

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    A pretty, mid/upper 20's lady walked out of a JC Penny's behind me and said, before I knew she was there, "Your earrings are lovely." I mumbled, "Thank you", as she strode passed me, never again looking my direction. Nobody else around, so I guess the compliment was aimed at me.

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    I had a woah from a guy when I was walking into a grocery store. Had several other comments on how good I smell to compliments on clothes, etc. Always makes your day.


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    It has been what hasn't been said but rather what was expressed by the language of the body...although I'm strictly heterosexual...having men's eyes fall upon you with shear lust is tangible affirmation of your femininity
    Wearing my fuschia bodycon dress:
    For the first time, outdoors during the day:

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    I was in a hotel courtyard when a family had trouble getting into the hotel. The dad asked “Ma’am do you know another way into the hotel?” After I gave the answer he said thank you Ma’am. I felt amazing convincing someone I was a true woman!

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