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Thread: Embarassed around wife

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    So I totally get it. I am wicked embarrassed when I am dressed around the wife. I have a harder time dressing around the wife. She is trying to accept it. And she is has been mostly positive about everything so far. But there is still this thing about putting myself out there for someone that I care about and hoping that she still wants me around. I have only been in MIAD mode around her, and only dress in skirts and dresses occasionally so as to not scare her too much. But in that, that also can make it harder to express myself and accept myself full around her. I'm am just trying to take it slow for both our sakes. For the wife, make her feel safe and that I am still the same person. And me, for just becoming comfortable dressing around anyone other than by myself and getting out of the closet.

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    It’s too bad that some of us get embarrassed around our wives for expressing our feminine sides. My wife after 4+ years still does not fully accept that this has been a part of me that I discovered very young. I have a beautiful pair of panties, pink and all lace, from Wacoal that is way more girly then anything in her panty drawer so yes I’m embarrassed to wear them yet. I will eventually but it is a struggle and we know it is a complex issue. One of my problems is that my wife does not want to talk very much about it and I’m sure hopes it will just go away somehow.

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    Ronnie, my wife is accepting, however I'm not always comfortable dressing around her. Usually when I go out she comes. She is a little clingy so she prefers to always be with me. I'd dress more if I had more time to myself.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Ronnie, my wife is accepting and has been for several years following a long time of DADT. Since I am retired I dress en femme for much of each day. My wife will comment on my out fit and often times will tell me to go put a skirt on and calm down. Working around the house dressed, in front of my wife is no problem. However changing into feminine clothes in front of her is another matter. I feel lucky to be able to dress in front of her but I just do not wish for her to see the transformation. Seeing my hairy belly above my panties and below my bra are not something I wish to share. Undressing and dressing in male clothes is no problem and happens all of the time. Like you I have built my own little closet without realizing it.

    Ellen Jo
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    Lately it's occured to me.....What a long strange trip it has been.
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    Ronnie, for me after telling wife about my dressing, I started to wear a piece of clothing at a time, and wig the last.

    I do not wear makeup, so not to change the look or she would said , your not my husband any more.

    She's accepting and limit my time in front of her.
    Wanting something is a fantasy which on a long time period clouds your mind and makes you think you need it.


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    Nope, not at all.
    Why not share with her what you enjoy in private?

    cheers sweetie.jpg

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    I was lucky my wife knew beforehand, others I have known have been a little self conscious.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Never been embarrassed one bit, I kind of like the innuendos, snickers, and what not she occasionally dishes out. I just wish she was comfortable enough in her own skin to let me shine in my alternative skin...........she used to be but not so much now.....

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    Yes and my wife agreed on my crossdressing yet up to this moment she does not encourage me to dress infront of her ,,so I do not know when is the best time to come and stays in femme infant of her ?
    Cross-dressing is a cross between woman's soul and man's heart.....

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    I do exact same thing, and don't know why. Wife has known since early on when we were dating, yet I don't dress as often as I think I want to. She never says anything when I do dress, I guess I am always worried about her changing her mind.

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    So after talking about it with my wife we came to the conclusion that my lifetime of hiding plus my ex wife useing it as an excuse for cheating are the reasons formy embarassment. I am now going to take more steps to over come this. We also came to the conclusion that im the girly girl in our house but thats for a whole nother post.

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    No not at all. I dress in front of my wife all the time. Nightgown with bra and breast forms in the morning.sometimes girl jeans and a cute top or skirts or a dress. I have many times slipped on my panties and bra when she is also wife has known about my dressing from day one, we make it work.

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    I don't have a problem about being dressed in front of my wife. She is accepting of me even though she wishes I would stop.

    Now I have a problem getting dressed if she is in the same room. Putting on panties isn't a problem for me since I wear them 24/7, but putting on anything else while she is in the same room is embarrassing for some reason. Not sure if embarrassed would be the correct term, just uncomfortable for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micki_Finn View Post
    The first thing to do is figure out WHY you’re embarrassed. Are you embarrassed because you’re afraid of being too “girly” in front of her? Or are you embarrassed because you feel your presentation isn’t good enough to be compared to a gg? Or maybe it’s something else. Once you know WHY, you’ll have a better idea of how to get over it.
    I have yet to tell my wife but Micki, you have hit it dead on for me. I'm afraid of being too "girly" and that's a big part of dress up for me. In Guy mode I'm big into sports especially football and it will be a big difference for her to see me as girly, not just dressed in woman's clothing

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    Ronnie, I think embarrassment is essentially our way of registering expected negative criticism. We are embarrassed to try to skip a rock on the water if we aren't sure we will succeed and will be criticized or mocked. We are also embarrassed if we are caught cheating, which is slightly different, because we know better and are trying to get away with something, i.e. escaping social control for our own gain. We are embarrassed to admit our dreams when we will be mocked for them. We are embarrassed to be caught trying to find out what someone else's life is all about, since there is a social idea that you are who you are. We are embarrassed if we don't live up to an ideal, as women are embarrassed by hair where it 'shouldn't' be.

    I am generally not embarrassed anymore by crossdressing, with one exception- I am still embarrassed to put on [or be seen in] a bra. About all the above reasons apply! And my only explanation is that it feels good, which is simply not a good enough reason in my internal critic's view [voice of parents].


    Reine a GG member here and mod, once said to someone that a reason for crossdressing is because it feels good, and I have never forgotten her generosity. That is leading me forward to the day where I just put on my two piece swimsuit and enjoy myself at the pool, and I can enjoy a bra which shows.
    We are all beautiful...!

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    I told my wife on our first date that, in order for me to relax, I dressed.
    We were married a year later and this is how it works out.
    She usually picks out what she wants me to wear, as far as blouse and skirt and what wig.
    She says, "I rather look at a good looking girl than a guy making a mess of it".
    She used to dress me everyday but, after 20 years, it's down to 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I'll dress on my
    own, usually in my short leather skirt. But I ALWAYS wear ff seamed nylons with the Cuban Heel.
    My wife reads these post with me and she says to tell your wife not to make a mountain out of a mole hill and to have fun.

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