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Thread: Locker room question

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    Locker room question

    Hi all -

    I like to get my exercise in during my work day and have to use the locker room. On those days I have to wear regular guys underwear and leave the panties at home...
    But I have found some cute womens yoga shorts I've been wearing as boxers that I've been brave enough to put on in the locker room...

    So my question is - If you work out in a gym or somewhere where there's a locker room how do you handle your panties/underwear situation??


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    My experience in the locker room is that no one is looking at anyone else for fear of being accused of something, if you get my drift. I would get myself ready to get into my panties and then immediately get into my jeans. The only thing to watch for is when you are at the swimming pool, the little kids are prone to watch everything and comment on anything out of the usual. You could always take your undies and pants into a toilet cubicle and dress there.
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    In the day when I was wearing panties at work, I simply slipped my gym shorts on while I was wearing a T-shirt or tank top. And before showering I slipped out of my undies before taking off my top. Piece of cake
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    I wear women's athletic shorts to the beach. As small as a men's boxer brief. Not one comment.

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    I go to a pretty blue collar gym and there are not many members there in the morning when I am. If I had to I would wear my Jockey No Panty Line Promise bikinis in a blue, black or neutral color. Nobody would ever notice. I wear the same panties to the Dr and he has seen them and did not flinch. Crissy

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    I just stopped worrying about it and put on pink panties or white lace bikini or whatever and then put on my pants like it is nothing special. I usually turn my back as well. People see but don't comment. Because I am not acting strange there is nothing to react to, unless someone wanted to make an issue and bully or mock me, but I would just say something friendly and neutral back, never accepting the idea that they are not a reasonable choice.
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    If I'm not wearing a bra, I just get changed.
    If I'm wearing a bra, my gym has "family" and "disabled" change room they let me get changed in.
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    At my gym, more guys are wearing compression leggings, without shorts over the top
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachelakld View Post
    At my gym, more guys are wearing compression leggings, without shorts over the top
    And, while it's a start, don't they just look daft with shorts over the top. Still, maybe they will man up and loose the pointless shorts eventually.

    By the way, to all the panty obsessed members out there, you do realise that they don't fit men don't you?

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    I go to the gym every day 100% en femme. Ladies capris, socks, tennis shoes, panties, tshirt and jacket. At the locker room I just pull down the underwear with the capris. Someone might have noticed the underwear, the lightly colored toenails or the epilated legs, but so far, i have had no comments. I do not think people would comment unless you are acting weird.
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    Business as usual. I change in the Locker Room- pink toe nails, panties and bra. If anyone has noticed, nothing has been said. I live in the Deep South. So far I haven’t been pounded into the dirt.

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    Times have changed a bit. I used to work in a paint and chemical factory in the 1970's and 80's, and was all men there. We all had to changed into work uniforms ther ina small locker room. With those rough blue collar guys then, a guy would have been almost tarred and feathered , and continually picked at, if he had shown any fem things or hint of it.

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    In the locker room I have put on solid color panties with no issue. I don't look at other guys dressing and I hope they don't look at me.
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    I wear white cotton panties to the gym and been doing it for over ten years.

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    I walk into the men's locker room wearing a skirt, sports bra, and woman's top (and panties). To work out, I leave on the sports bra and put on a woman's racerback tank and either an athletic skirt or a pair of capri tights. Also, I've started swimming in a woman's competition suit. The people at my athletic club are very used to it. I wouldn't say I've completely gotten over my self-consciousness in the locker room but I just don't give a s**t and I think that comes across. (Also, I've gotten several compliments from the women at the club, including the yoga teacher who in the last class said "You always have such pretty nails! I'm envious!")

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    I usually wear nylon boy short style panties on work out days, no one has batted an eye or said anything. I think it would be lace trimmed or barely there panties that would attract unwanted attention.

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    It's simple for me, I get ready at home and wait till I get home to shower and change, I never use the locker room at my gym.
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    You are "The Man"!! (or the WoMan, in this case?)
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    Like one of the other ladies said, no one is watching, I go the gym on a regular basis and I am a 7 days a week wearing panties now and I get changed in our communal changing rooms as that is pretty much all we have

    I do pick a spot that is not right next to the main walkthrough, but I have to say once you have done it a few times it becomes nothing to worry about

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    I have been wearing women's short spandex shorts as underwear for a few years now. and I work in a very masculine workplace and never had anyone say anything to me in our locker room where we change. Heck my wife doesn't even say anything about them and she doesn't want me dressing at all.

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    I wear my swimsuit to the gym. Hanging in the locker, my panties are inside my shorts and both go on (at the same time) after my shower.

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    Not difficult. Wear panties 24/7. On gym days, I wear something conservative, cotton briefs, generally in a neutral color, no pattern. Change my shirt. Change my pants, never being only in my panties. Do it all the time, in different places, never an issue. Men generally don't look at each other anyway, just be smart. In the event it's too crowded, use the stall.
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    It's funny that guys avoid looking at one another in dressing rooms* for fear of being labeled 'gay' and therefore miss someone wearing female underwear.
    That's ironic, or something.
    If a guy looked up at the wrong time and asked, "Are those women's panties?" and you just said, "Yes," what would he say next?
    *Are women in dressing rooms equally careful? Cis-women I've known see more out of the corner of their eye than I do staring.
    I love this thread.

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    Women in the dressing room? Maybe they do glean information from the corner of their eye, hence the reason my wife and daughters always avoided showering in the locker room. They would always just leave after working out saying they would shower at home. Drove me nuts as we were paying for full use of the facility. Seems they were very self conscious of anyone looking at them and there was no reason for such.

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    Guys do not as much glance at another bloke in locker room's,especially when it comes to noticing what underwear they may be wearing.though its been long enough since I've been in one lol

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