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Thread: Venturing out into the RW "dressed". A Q for some of you.

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    Venturing out into the RW "dressed". A Q for some of you.

    Many here state "it's all or nothing for me" or something very close to that. It might not include nails perhaps, but most likely means forms, a wig or longer hair with a female style or cut and Clothing and shoes of some type that are likely obviously female. Makeup and perhaps a fresh shave in various places too.

    How long does it normally take you, and have you gotten better with practce?

    Bonus Q. How much time do you normally spend "prepping" before leaving your house in "male mode"?

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    My profile pic took two hours. It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours for me. In guy mode I can be out the door in 10 mins.
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    For the last couple years I have gone out 2-3 times a week. With all that practice, I have gotten my make up time down to about 30 minutes. So with another 20 minutes to dress and accessorize, I can be out the door in a little less than 60 minutes. I've talked with a couple of my g-g friends, and they say they can do their make up in 20 minutes if they have to, but 30-40 minutes is typical.
    But in dude-mode, I can be out the door in 5 minutes.


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    It takes me about two hours, and only 10-15 minutes of that is make-up. I partly dress (and am made up apart from lipstick) and then use a lay-by to complete the transformation. It means I have to be absolutely certain I have everything I need with me as I don't wear it all out of the house. I once had to go back because I forgot my skirt!!! Going on holiday as Susan is so complicated I use a spreadsheet for every outfit and check off items as I pack them. This is one of the reasons I don't go out very often nowadays - it just takes up too much time.

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    Takes about 30 mins to get into Andrea mode. Boy mode 5-10 Mins.

    I have developed a make up routine over time.

    Yes, I do check to see if the coast is clear before walking out the door.
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    Lately I haven’t been venturing far into the RW, but I’ve been at this for a while now and can be presentable in a half hour

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    A full shower and shave about thirty minutes and then about 15 minutes for makeup then slip the clothes on I've already chosen and ironed , grab my bag and out the door . Thats my full routine to do my daily errands . For an evening out it takes a little longer but I'm not want to spend hours pampering I'd much sooner be out among the public .

    If I'm forced to do drab , I'll still shower and shave the same because I'm stiil ready to dress as soon as I can .
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    Takes me about an hour for the full femme look, in drab depends if I have a shave or not. I don't do nails but pretty much everything else.
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    Hello all, I just had some gurl time after work yesterday. I shaved at work to get smooth. Left work then went to a local park to change and start my make up. My mission was to get to a Gabes department store in Delaware. Took me over an hour, traffic was bad. I would do my makeup as I waited in traffic. I got to my destination finished my makeup and jewelry. I went into the store and was very disappointed, the place was a dump, and bathrooms didn't work. I walked out and went to a fiveguys to use their restroom. On the way back I saw a Avenue store and checked it out. As soon as I walked in the SA said I Love your sandles. I thanked her. Sorry for rambling on. I guess my point is for doing makeup on the run, it must not have been too bad. It also helps I have grown my hair really long and brush it over to the side, to a very fem look. I never got a sideways look or any negative comments. Hugs to all Faith

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    No less than an hour for me for girl mode. Usually at least an hour and a half with shower and shave. I've gotten slightly better at make up, I think. But still nowhere near where I feel I should be.
    And since I'm pretty much a slob in male mode, that only takes as long as it does to pry myself out of bed in the morning and brush my teeth. Lol

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    I would guess it takes me between 1 and 2 hours to get into full female dress (shower, shave, Sometimes the long part is deciding what to wear.
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    Well, it used to take me about an hour and a half when I first began going out.
    Of course I was nervous, excited and always over prepped.
    Now (not including shaving and showering) it takes me about 15 minutes to do my hair and makeup and about the same to dress. Of course it takes a little longer to DECIDE what I'm wearing, but that's normal, isn't it??

    Male mode = no shaving, quick shower, toss on something and run out the door. All in all about 20 minutes total.
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    Naked to out the door takes about 1 hour.

    Most of that is spent doing makeup (covering ye ole facial hair), with about 15 minutes actually getting dressed.

    The good news is that the makeup does get faster with practice, especially the fiddly bits like the eyes/lips!

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    Over than an hour but I still don't look good enough to go out.
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    100% girl mode a couple of hours.
    Never really timed it or saw the need to.
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    It depends on how much I have to do. Usually it’s about an hour to an hour and a half for basic makeup and clothes. Actual prep time varies wildly depending on how much shaving I need to do. Anywhere from 5 minutes for the face to 30-45 minutes for full-body.

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Normally a good half hour, for a freshen up about fifteen minutes.
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    It used to take me about 1 1/2 hrs to go from drab to fab LOL. I've gotten much faster and better with the make-up, one reason I started to use a better foundation, I also got better with the eye make up.
    Overall I can go from out of bed to out the door in an hour if I put my mind to it as long as I paint my nails the night before.

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    45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the occasion.

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    The clothes usually take less than ten minutes. I have a mental idea during the day of what I will wear which is always a dress, heels and hosiery, and, all the proper undergarments. My facial hair is light. It does not take much time to get a really clean shave. I have almost zero hair on my legs. Blessed with no hair follicles on the back of calves and thighs and sparse to non-existent elsewhere. My trips outside the home are evening strolls. I forego the heavy makeup. Limit makeup to lip gloss and foundation to conceal aging defects of the face. Probably from start to finish less than half an hour.

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    It takes me a good hour and change for clothes and makeup. As for guy mode I'm out there door in 15 minutes or less.
    It's just the clothes... isn't it?

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    Obviously when venturing out,Ill take more time than if just at home,on average I would say it takes 20 minutes (not including shave) making sure I'm good to go. When out in drab it's mostly a 5 minute job,dependant on where I'm off to

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    Based on today, it's about 60 mins including shower and shave, including half an hour on makeup, and with clothes pre-planned, then another 30 convincing myself to go out of the door . Muggle mode therefore saves around 60 mins.

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    OMG you’re all so fast! It takes me 4 hours to look like I do in my photos! I do time it because it’s made me late for dinner when I didn’t. That typically includes screwing up the contour on my left cheek and having to redo part of my foundation. A stypic pencil has shaved about 30 mins of bleeding off, as I have very sensitive skin and the double shave tends to ruin my poor face! I also like to let my color correct set without powder as I was finding that setting each cream layer was adding cake batter to my complexion. I’m also notably a perfectionist when it comes to my eye makeup, contouring and lips (Okay that’s the whole face) and I tend to use a lip detail brush to get an overdraw that can cut through glass

    There’s also the whole “sweat management” issue. I’m using Mehron skin prep pro (thanks for the advice on that Diana) which is an antiperspirant, but it seems to have a weird reaction with my porefessional primer. So I just put on my girly Spotify playlist, settle into my vanity (whcich now has yummy lights and all, yay!) and dig in for 4 hours. That’s about the time my wife starts calling me “Princess”
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    It used to take about an hour, but with practice I've got it down to about 30 minutes.

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