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Thread: Help with electrolysis? In San Diego

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    Help with electrolysis? In San Diego

    I currently am in VA. and there is no one here that can give a Novocaine injection before electrolysis being done. I will be in San Diego, CA .for a week in the beginning of Nov. the 3 thru the 9th and was just wondering if anyone knew of someone there that could do administer a shot before electrolysis. I have tried it with topical rubs and it is entirely to painful. If I am ever going to get that part done, which I want sooooooooooo bad, it is gonna take some novocaine or something stronger to get me through.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Rachel, if you're going to be in San Diego, it's around the corner of Tijuana and for sure there someone would help you, even more, probably in Tijuana they can do the electrolysis too...just an idea...
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    Hi Rachel,

    As someone who is going through electrolysis for the past 11 months (facial + chest), I can say that once you go through initial clearance, it does get easier. By the time I got to the upper lip, I could sit through full upper lip clearance with only taking ibuprofen 90 minutes ahead of the treatment. Drinking 20-40 oz of water prior to treatment is crucial too because it make hair removal that much easier and less painful. After treatment, aloe vera and tee tree oil helps with healing which in my case takes few days only. Either way, find what works for you and try to stick with it. It is sooo rewarding in the end to see you face clean, and smooth, with no shadow. Makes such a huge difference mentally, even for one like me, who is NB and doesn't live a woman 24/7.

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    we're all different, and for me, nothing improved, and after 18 months of electro, i've still only managed about 12 minutes on average per session. some of us are just a lot more sensitive, even with topical painkiller spread on liberally for ages beforehand. if i could get full novacaine injections, i'd be there in a flash
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    Hi Pamela,
    Agree. We're are all different but it's good to remember that electrologists are not the same either. Some don't even have much experience working with trans folks. But I don't want to downplay and in know that pain is real. However, the results are worth in my opinion.

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