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Thread: Laser Hair Removal

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    Laser Hair Removal

    Its approaching that time in my transition plan when I am looking at spending the money on Laser Hair Removal (LHR). I am seven months (give or take a couple of weeks) away from starting my social transition where it will all kick off and I will start living full time as Melissa (incl name change etc.). Naturally I want rid of my facial hair before then, however it could be 12 months (if I go private) or two years (soley NHS) from that date. Am I going to have to budget for a large number of top-ups before I get the anti androgens and the requisite hormones?

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    beard removal is a many-year process I believe. it only works properly on very dark hair, not on grey/blond/white. There are many who say laser damages the collagen permanently. I suggest thorough research, and expect a long duration.
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    While laser wasn't a fun experience, it did work well for me. And it was relatively cheap as well, in America I was able to find deals on packages on Groupon. I did nine sessions in total, my face is 95% clear. I have some grey hair that I have to knock off in the mornings, but I can live with that.

    Most will suggest to start laser and let it do as much as it can before electrolysis. It will save you money in the long run.
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    I haven't done laser but from reading comments here and researching it sounds like you have a good plan. Laser apparently works on dark hair not blonde or grey. Electro works on all but takes FOREVER .......

    I had a mass clearing and I strongly recommend against it. With electro I have switched to traditional one hour appointments.

    You have a good plan in my opinion - knock out what you can with laser and then go electro.

    You mention hormones. They don't do very much for facial hair. My experience is that my beard grows in more slowly that's about it.

    Your plan of transition sounds very similar to mine. I like it. But we all do it differently. I had a plan and executed it - with some unexpected curves in the road. But for me having a plan helped with the nerves and fear of transitioning. For me I was on a mission. Spiro - come out to people - part time - full time - name change - face injections - orchie - estrogen - birth certificate change. All in that order. FFS was supposed to be in there too but alas that's another story.

    Good luck and keep moving forward.

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