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Thread: Feminization in Scotland

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    Feminization in Scotland

    Hi there
    Sandy 35years old from Coatbridge Scotland here
    not sure if this is the right place to ask
    but is there anyone into feminizing a male in Scotland
    I already dress but I dont have a lot of clothes
    and would like some help in getting more as I am not sure of sizes
    I would also need help with make up as I have no clue where to start
    if anyone is interested please mail me

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    sandy, not sure this will help but on line shopping, many sites show size charts and if you have your measurements (and they will tell you where to measure yourself). Hope you find help there, but if not hope this helps.
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    Hey, we all start somewhere. Tina's suggestion about online shopping is a good one used by a great many of us at least until we reached the point of having the confidence to shop in person. I would suggest initially at least picking one site and shopping solely there. Why? Consistency of sizing. Different suppliers can use slightly differing sizing so a 16 from one can be different from another.

    Most online shops do free postage and returns. I've used in the past partly because they have some really good sales (see the clearance section) and they deliver free via Collect+. This means you can have the parcel delivered to a local convenience store if deliveries at home are an issue. Next do similar as do New Look. Both do a good range of shoes up to size 9.

    Also as returns are free, in the early days you can what I call shotgun. If you think you're a 12, order a 10, 12 and 14 of the same item. Send back those that you either don't like of don't fit. Once you've got a good idea of your sizing you can start to build a wardrobe while trying other suppliers.

    Makeup is I'm afraid, practice. There are some really good tutorials on YouTube. I will say that if your courage allows, getting your foundation matched in store will go a long way to getting the overall look right.

    Going back to clothing. If your ultimate aim is to go out dressed then when putting your wardrobe together give consideration as to what the average GG of your age and build wears if out at that time of day. Sequins, plunging necklines and killer heels are not what you see the average GG wearing to the shops or to the coffee houses. If you're going to be a stay at home gurl, then "fill ya boots". Wear what you like.
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    Do like I did find a shop go in there look at things go out go in another day do the same thing but when you see something you like and the SA comes to offer help then say " Yes its for me but I am unsure of the size" the SA's are not there to judge but to help and they will help you and if it is a shop which has lots of different things you like then you can go back build up a raport with the SA's then like me you become friends and before you know it you are on first name terms and they begin telling you what looks right and what does not, soon you have the shopping confidence needed and slowly you can expand on that to og and do the same in other shops.
    I hope what I have said helps you. Good luck and best wishes
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    Hi Sandy

    Scotland is brilliant for crossdressers. I get nothing but help and friendliness in shops. The shops I use only have cheap stuff at sales and I don't know how shops like Matalan and Primark behave, but the first time I tried anything on in Scotland was in Quiz, and they were very helpful. If you are a beginner you need to find what you like and what suits you without paying too much - I did my trial and error shopping at What Every Woman Wants - which is long gone. My one experience of Primark was of utter incompetence and policies that seemed to lack any discrimination - they seemed to be horrible to all customers. Another way of finding your look without blowing the budget is charity shops - I have only once tried anything on in one but there was no issue. You can get free makeovers at the big department stores and after getting that done a few times you get the hang of the basics. You might need to get fitted for a bra and best policy is to ring ahead till you get someone who will help - Department stores are a good bet here. Very important - do not be creepy - you are there to get clothes or make up not to get some way of involving someone else in your fantasies - doing that would reflect badly on all of us. Smile and be confident - it makes all the difference. Be nice and they will be. Good luck.
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    Sandy, I would be honored to share my limited knowledge on dressing with you. I am a nice lady, honey.
    Your Roxanne

    "A Girl at Heart, For You".
    As Sweet As I Can Ever Be

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