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Thread: Is it just the clothes or your over all presentation?

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    Oct 2017
    I don't get to dress as often as I would like, so sometimes it's the time I have that limits how much I am dressed. Sometimes being able to wear some lingerie with heels or be able add a little makeup and a wig is the most I can do. A few times when I've been able to fully dress I absolutely love looking in the mirror and seeing the feminine me.

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    Oct 2018
    Personally speaking, it is not just the clothing, rather it is the entire sensual experience of transforming myself into a woman both outwardly and inwardly. Along with the clothing and breast forms, I love to apply lipstick, mascara, shadow and highlights as a prelude to becoming Jaye. Truth be told, I probably enjoy becoming a woman more than most women enjoy being a woman. I am not just "crossdressing", I am personifying my attraction to true feminity.

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    Europe, Slovenia
    At home, I regularly wear female clothes and shoes, sometimes also nail polish and lipstick. I don't like wigs, breast forms and bras that much, so I only use them when necessary. But when I go out, I try to present myself as a woman as best I can and I wear full makeup and all the necessary items to do so.

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    Sometimes it's just half an hour wearing a skirt while enjoying a coffee at home, other times a trip out fully dressed, but usually something in between. If I'm making the most of the moment I'm happy

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    Victoria, Australia
    For me its lingerie and clothes, i dont feel the need for make-up and wigs. Though some breast forms would be interesting. Besides that i wouldnt even be close to looking female.
    But i guess you never know what the future holds.

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    Basingstoke, Uk
    For me, its all or nothing. Has to be head to toe, fully made up, forms, wig.
    Nothing less will do.

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    I have to go for the whole thing from head to toe.
    OMG the feelings I get when I look in the mirror and see a beautiful looking woman looking back at me is total fulfillment .

    Love to be a girl.

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    I always prefer going all the way; head to toe, fully en femme.
    Real Life often dictates I must limit my dressing, so I under dress and almost always wear a bra and panties. I wear earrings (hoops primarily) all the time.
    I dress for therapist sessions and weekly support group meetings. I dress in full for board meetings of the non-profit I am supporting. It's for transgender programs.
    Love it when I can dress all out with wig and makeup. It brings out the best in me and my appearance.
    There resides within me a Woman, and she is powerful.
    She has been my Grace and Bearing on the stormiest seas.
    I could no more deny Her than I would my own soul.

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    Olivia I am in all the way when I transition to female; all in, all the way. Just love it so,

    At the makeup counter

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayeDee View Post
    Personally speaking, it is not just the clothing, rather it is the entire sensual experience of transforming myself into a woman both outwardly and inwardly.
    Yep, Danielle is in the all or nothing group. A huge part of my crossdressing satisfaction is to look as convincingly female as possible which includes a convincing tuck and all the little details such as painting my toenails. If I am rushed and don't get to paint my toenails or glue on false nails Danielle feels incomplete. A little vain I realize but since Danielle time is only once every few weeks (or more) I always try to take full advantage of enjoying a TOTAL transformation.

    The only time it is not a complete transformation is when new clothes arrive and I try them on for sizing or when I experiment with old outfits to see if I can wear them differently.

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