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Thread: yet another appointed therapist

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    yet another appointed therapist

    Here in the UK we go through the national health service, using a local centre for transitioning, to whom I was referred in February 2016. After waiting until August 2017 to eventually even see a first therapist, I'm now onto my 4th person who is now my point of reference with them, with I am told a queue of at least another year before i get to see the medic, who can then refer me to a 2nd opinion medic. I'm just lucky my local doctor is informed and trained to supervise my own hrt.

    So I guess I'm wondering if I'm just unucky in this, or if this is a common experience?

    actually maybe this thread could be titled "how many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb?"
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    Too many!!!!!, and at our costs whether paid directly by us or from the government, which we support with our taxes. I wish you the best in your long wait to get the services you need.

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    I only ever dealt with 2 therapists, my main one and the second opinion. The principle therapist was also qualified to prescribe and monitor the hormone levels.
    Check out this link if you are wondering about joining Safe Haven.

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