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Thread: A rare moment of regret

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    If you think you will transition in few years when you retire - you can start taking some steps today that you will be grateful for later. First, you can do electrolysis. It takes couple of years and easier to manage being not shaved for 2-3 days before you transition socially. Second, you may start partial HT in consultation with your doctor to at least stop any balding. You may grow some new hair back in the process. The bottom line - there are steps you can take without jeopardizing your career.
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    I agree with Katya, Just as transition is not for everyone, also transition does not have to be the same for everyone. I was on a mission and did so rather quickly but that was just me.

    I was on Finasteride for a year before my orchie and I did notice it helped with my hair. My hair in my pic is my actual hair and I am 58. Guess at least I have that going for me. LOL And yes electro takes forever.

    If you decide to transition ( or anyone else ) a slower approach maybe the way to go, just don't let it turn into forever if you think it is right for you.
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    Katya is giving you the best advice you can get

    Take steps that do not commit to transition..but help if you do

    .specifically hair removal, perhaps hormones, go on a diet, get super healthy because transition is physically exhausting, be realistic and hopeful at the same time.

    If you do decide to transition, you might be able to make it as smooth as possible...It is NO fun to be living as a woman and having to shave every day.... and unfortunately if you have any dark hairs there is almost nothing you can do to avoid them showing as the day wears on and. you'll be wearing so much makeup it will be a grind as you have to do it everyday..

    I made this mistake...learn from it.... at some points I managed my schedule...I just didnt go out some days...I transition in 2009 (OMFG) and I still do electrolysis and its finally at the point where the dark hairs are all gone...I didnt start electro until I transitioned.......I was kind of clueless..

    and last thing your $$ as best you can... these procedures are very for us is a huge issue....and medically its not really viable to protect the hair on your head without risking more hair growth on your body
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    Around 20 years ago I had a conversation at lunch time with my three kids, teenagers then, and my wife about come to this country to live. For them, and for most people in my country, it'd be a fulfill dream but I show them the bad side, segregation, they would never been seen as Americans (even we're born in south America that makes us american), they would face the problem of language and many more things.
    Living here all that and more happened but they won their positions and the American society. One is getting a hD on sociology, another is a paramedic firefighter and the oldest is an executive in one of the main communications company. I have a grandson, born here, american but perfectly bilingual. We are doing a new race of Americans. We never thought about going back, there was no back for us. All of them are now American citizens, including me, but I still being segregated by my broken English, after talk to me, immediately ask where I am from, so misoriginated? I'm American I said, I was born in the same continent as you...

    When I decide to transition I decide that I would never be a woman but a transwoman and in part I knew that all the possibilities the possible problems I would face would part of the game, I accepted from the beginning but there's no back for me.
    Finally, we're pavimenting the road for others behind us, as well of the pioneers, the pilgrims, and the founder fathers I see the future of them and is my daily motivation while I try to live as woman.
    It's me, Vanessa, now I'm Debbie, in the core just a sensitive woman with a strong male appearance....

    ...hold down, that strong male appearance is dissapering...

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    Thank you for your comments and advice. They certainly show a ray of hope, something to work on and a chance to still believe in transitioning slowly but surely.

    Iím already doing laser hair removal on my beard. Iím only on my third session but so far Iím not seeing too much progress. I hope it will improve, but I may have to go through electrolysis after my treatment. I dream of not shaving ever again... I waxed my legs and chest and really love the result. I consider whether I should also do laser on legs and chest and get rid of all that horrible hair for good (family implications but Iíd love to do it)

    I thought about HRT and discussed it with my therapist. I should get the courage to go to the local family doctor to be able to get a deferral for the unit specialized in transitions in Spain to contemplate HRT.

    I didnít realize the idea of growing hair in the neck. That makes a lot of sense. Whatís the best way? Let it grow naturally, hair transplants, HRT? I think itís a great idea to work on. Iíd love to let my hair grow in a feminine manner but that wonít work with my job. BTW Kimberly your hair looks great!

    Luckily Iím reasonably healthy and thin (running quite a bit as a sport - Iíve been decades avoiding any sport that would develop upper body)

    Thank you again. I see a way forward taking few steps at a time! Good topics for discussion with my therapist too!

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