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Thread: Estrogen after blood clot

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    Estrogen after blood clot


    i hope this is the right forum. If not would the mods please place it in the right one. I had surgery and developed two clots in my leg. Iíve been on estrogen patches and progesterone for around five years. They put me on a blood thinner and told me to stop the estrogen. I donít know if anyone had a similar situation, but I was wondering if after the clot is dissolved can you go back on estrogen. This developed as a result of surgery. I am trying to get an appt with my endo doc but he is booking two months out. While Iím waiting I was hoping I could get some experiences from anyone whom might have been in this situation. Thank you.

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    Hi Again. This is just a follow up. My endo is a wonderful person. He called me today and told me IF there was a contributing factor it was more likely to be the progesterone and not the estrogen. He told me to stop the progesterone and start wearing my patches again next week. He said if the next round of blood tests shows a T increase he will give me a once monthly injection of Lupron (I think that’s the name) which would solve the problem. I feel greatly relieved!

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    Also, a lot depends on if the clot was in the superficial veins or deep veins. Superficial less worrisome. Sounds like the endocrinologist is up to date on the literature.

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    Yes, he is very sharp. They told me what two veins and I guess I was anxious because I can’t remember what they were. I do know they said the clots were below the knee and that was better. I got panicky because all I pictured was going back to the way I was before I started hrt. Shook me up!

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    I had DVT 10 years ago and major surgery because of it ( I was not on HRT at the time ) im on blood thinner for life because of it , and when I decided it was time to begin to transition and start HRT I was really scared I would not be able to do this because of blood clots with the estragon , I checked with a couple of endos. I was a lot safer than most women who are transitioning because of the blood thinner.
    you don't mention if the blood thinner is for life.

    don't take my results as a go head for you, please follow up on your ENDO ..
    (if you want to talk more please PM me)

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