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Thread: Heros and Villians Fan Fest, San Jose

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    Heros and Villians Fan Fest, San Jose

    So I pretty much wanted to give everyone in the San Jose, California vicinity a heads up.

    This coming weekend at the convention center two events will be held "Walker Stalker" along with "Heros and Villians Fan Fest". Cosplay is encouraged, but not mandatory.

    Of course the reason I am offering this heads up is that I am going, and Micki gets to play.

    Two costume, possibilities.

    1) Purple catsuited Catwoman. Little nervous about this one, as I haven't ventured out in a unitard in 15 years. Last time was at night to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This will be very snug, in a crowded convention center, in THE DAYTIME!!!!!!! *Gasp* Ok. No pressure. Admittedly the security guard last time said he could clearly see I wasn't hiding anything... So that's good, right.

    2) The second... is a little more "interesting", I think. My friend going with me (she got the tickets in the first place), is going to be dressed as Cinderella, or Elsa from Frozen. So while I don't have a Disney Princess to go along with her we had a fun thought. I have a Renaissance style Version of Harley Quinn that I created. Another friend is letting me borrow a set of fairy wings that match Harley. So we thought we would make a Harley Quinn goofy Fairy Godmother to Cinderella. So like Bibbidy Bobbedy Boo *giggles* Right Mr J?

    See you there.
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    Sounds awesome! I'm just starting out and nowhere near prepared to attend but looking forward to your trip report!

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    I like the imagination presented here.

    Should be a good show.
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    Great costume ideas

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