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Thread: Does the PINK FOG drive you crazy?

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    Pink fog, I call it retail therapy! Remember to get presents for those on your Christmas list, and maybe a few for your self. Haahaa hugs Faith

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    My wife still has more dresses than I do. So I reckon I am safe from the pink fog. Judy, you on the other hand are clearly completly lost in there, you lucky lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane G View Post
    My wife still has more dresses than I do. So I reckon I am safe from the pink fog. Judy, you on the other hand are clearly completely lost in there, you lucky lady.
    Jane the quantity of dresses relative to you wife nor frequency or how you dress has no bearing on how deep you are into the fog. It is a state of mind of how offen you need to dress or want to dress, The thoughts of how you want to do things.
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    Yes the fog gets me often. I am dealing with some family issues, this makes me want to dress way more often.

    Sometimes you just need to clean out the closet. That mean more room for new stuff. If I have something that doesn't fit right or doesn't look good it is gone. I have a reasonably large space for clothes but there is no need to pack it full.

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    For me the pink fog is always there (if often frustrated) though at times it crests like a wave and it is all consuming. During the crests I have to find the right outfit, perfect some makeup trick I am struggling with or another similar activity. During the calmer seas I can manage to get on with other important issues.

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    At times the Pig Fog gets in the way of everything.

    A few days before Halloween i was driving home from a business meeting in the midlands, and was suddenly completely lost in the Pig Fog. My Pink Fog-light wasn't helping at all! instantly my sole priority was to try to find somewhere i could purchase the items required to dress up as "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland, and i pulled over into the next service station and started frantically searching google for somewhere i could stop on the way home to purchase the necessary items.

    After about 5 minutes of unsuccessful searching, the Pink Fog parted and i remembered that i was supposed to get back to the office by the end of the day.


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    I,m still fogging, but I see I need a much larger closet.

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    Dont suffer from pink fog much these days,but have still got a couple of dresses unworn in the plastic though.Just bought this year's Christmas dress and new heels,I keep my (bulging) wardrobe ticking over and don't spend more than I can afford

    We look to Scotland,for all our Ideas of Civilisation-Voltaire


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    My family and I went out last night to see a musical based on the movie School of Rock. When the GG actor playing the principal walked on on stage, the pink fog rolled in. I loved her business suits, shoes, and hair. I was lost with what was happening on stage, and only focused on her outfits, walk and mannerism, imagining me wearing the same clothing.
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    The pink fog drives me crazy sometimes.
    When I am at work all I can think about is dressing.
    When I do our weekly shopping at our local department store I always walk by the women's section I am just glad I normally don't see anything that catches my eye.

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    Since I started dressing more, I find myself looking for cheap but nice looking stuff on Wish....May have to treat myself after xmas once I actually have some money spare again (presents aren't cheap!!)

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    That pink fo never got a good hold on me. I never go that long without dressing i need worry about it. I dress every day for most of the day.

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