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    Nikki I respect your opinion but I still disagree about the use of HRT until you are certain that need to transition. I agree that HRT can work wonders for dysphoria but not sure at what dose is required for the positive effects to be experienced as opposed to a placebo effect. However, the distress when you are a man with female breasts and the stress of worrying about being discovered has to outweigh the benefits especially if you are dealing with minor dysphoria, that is, dysphoria at a level where you do not feel the need to transition. But I am not an expert in the field, neither a psychologist nor an endocrinologist. I am, however, someone who has found herself in the position where I had to transition. It was not a choice or something I ever had to think about. It really felt like I either do this or I do not know how to get through the rest of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara Olivia View Post
    I am, however, someone who has found herself in the position where I had to transition. It was not a choice or something I ever had to think about. It really felt like I either do this or I do not know how to get through the rest of my life.
    This is exactly why I believe in a gender spectrum. To Sara it was a 'have to' for me it was I have always wanted to and if I didn't I would have always regretted it. I could have made it another 5 10 or 20 years without doing it but I would have felt empty. And for those of you that are NB or in that neighborhood of the spectrum it is a thought, a consideration or maybe even not that.

    As I always say - just know who you really are and then live it.

    I know it's off topic but reading Sara's post just reminded me of the confidence I have in this opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanessa Grandy View Post
    I don't know if those natural supplements really works. They say are stronger than hormones, so my question is how they manage to want something as look as a woman but not transition for the sake of keep being a man, and take something more stronger or effective but without any medical supervision....
    Natural supplements do nothing besides placebo effect. They are NOT stronger or more effective than HRT. Dont listen to those silly people.

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    Finally got some time to give an update on my Endo appointment. I did go and it turned out he has experience and has treated several transgender patient's. After visiting with the nurse and explaining why I was there, I was really nervous and she could tell. So she proceeded to make me comfortable and put me at ease. After several minutes the Dr. came in sat down right in front of me and looked straight into my eyes and said, well tell me how long have you felt this way. I told him what I had to say and that I had been seeing a therapist he asked for a referral and we proceeded to talk. I told him the therapist and I had discussed about starting HRT. Then he starts telling me you do know you have to live as a woman full time for a year and after that you can think about SRS and have you thought about that.

    At that point I told him I did not plan to have SRS or live as a woman, he said then why do you want to start HRT, I said I need something for Gender Dysphoria. So we proceeded to talk and took me by surprise and said I need to check your testicles, we do this to document size as they will shrink. I did not know I was going to have to cough. After all that he said I need you to continue to see your therapist and I'm going to give you some documents to read about what to expect, also give you an order request for some labs and I will see you in 3 months. He also talked about what he would start me on which is sipro and estrogen.

    Well in a nutshell that's how it went down, I have not gone to get the labs done yet and I'm not sure I will. I'm starting to have second thoughts after reading all the comments and trying to really dig down deep as to why I'm doing this. Like I said my goal is not to live as a woman or have SRS. Also a comment was made about about growing breast, I never mentioned anything about growing breast and this is not the reason for me to do this. I could care less about growing breast and really don't expect much. So I need to sit down and reevaluate this.

    At a very young age I used to fantasize about being a woman and what it would be like so I know there is something there but at this point in my life I could not live as a woman or come out to family and friends. My wife is the only one who knows and is very supportive.

    Sorry I did not post sooner just got caught up with life and work. Thank you for all the comments!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Kelly View Post
    To each her own, of course, But my opinion (one which is grounded in understanding the importance of considering all of the indications, contraindications, effects, side effects and risks of any given course of therapy) is that pursuing HRT, without being certain of the motivation and goal, is dangerous folly. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against dangerous folly. For most of my life, my idea of fun involved lots of adrenaline, but courting the kind of serious long term risks involved in HRT, just to have one's own set of tiny boobs, only makes sense if one is really headed for transition. There's just not enough adrenaline, or whatever the payoff, to be worth the risk otherwise.
    Never mentioned anything about boobs or trying to grow boobs, I could care less..

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    Hi Veronica,
    Your first visit to Endo is nothing like mine. If this doc is all you have, then you don't have a choice and do the best out of it. Otherwise, I will look for another.
    I don't live full time. I don't want SRS. Yet, my endo didn't make this ridiculous comments. Checking the size of the testicles? That's just strange. Lab work make sense but why to wait 3 months?
    This endo clearly is behind the curve when it comes to treating transgender patients.

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