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Thread: Resale?

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    I’ve lurked here for quite a while and have seen plenty of girls talk about their purges. I recently donated several items and when they were gone I thought about this place and wondered if someone here could have used them.

    So.... has it been brought up before about having a clothing exchange portion of the site? The clothing, shopping section of the site does not seem to fit but if exists elsewhere then I’m an idiot since I just looked but I’m happy to send my stuff to someone here for the cost of shipping or other agreed upon price before taking to goodwill..

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    I'm up for a clean swap Babe, yet the postage is a killer! I give my tings to the Sallies {thrift store)
    I'd never sell to another Girl! We are one!
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    I seem to remember we had a section of that sort years ago. I don't know what happened to it.
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    We did have a section some time ago.

    It was removed due to lack of use.

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    I’ve had plenty of purges in my time, and am actually on the edge of a huge one now....I started it last night. What I am going to do is get rid of everything that is the wrong size and too much work to fix (will go to another woman, either T or GG), stuff that torn up and too much work to fix, which gets recycled, and then the stuff that’s simply hideous that somehow landed in the back of the closet. Those all go to the thrift store across from the bigger gay club here.

    I’ll pretty much do the same with some of the pairs of shoes I have, give away a lot, throw away some and donate a bit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE putting women’s size 13.5 shoes into a thrift shop...they disappear within an hour every single time.

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    I assume someone could start a Thread;

    Getting people to pay even just postage is hard.
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    You could sell servicable clothes on eBay.

    I have bought many bras and garter belts from there at very low prices whilst trying to establish my bust & hip size (and working out which makes come up large or small).

    But personally, I can't be bothered with the posting, packing etc for just small change when selling. I send my unwanted femme wear to the Sally Army. They must think it's a bordello having a clear out!

    I have redeemed myself, however by donating warm fleeces & waterproof coats as well as plunge bras.

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    You can put items for sale/redistribution in Clothing, Shopping and Beauty

    You need to include as much detail as possible and if possible pictures.
    All questions are to be completed by private messages
    Any transactions are totally independent of the forum and we accept no responsibility
    The only person allowed to post in the thread is the thread starter to add further relevant information, including if the items are sold, all other posts will be deleted except moderation posts.
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