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Thread: Amazing Acceptance into Womanhood

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    Amazing Acceptance into Womanhood

    I want to share an experience of acceptance that I hope will be an encouragement to others.

    I have been going to a laser center for about two years now. I started in "man androgynous mode" and did upper body hair removal. A lot of Israeli men do this, so no big deal. About a year ago when I began my HRT and coming out as Dorit, I came out to them as transgender. The staff is all women, mostly in their 20's and 30's, no problem, complete acceptance and even appreciation for me. In the last half year I have done some chest laser touch up, exposing my new breasts. On Tuesday I again went back for a chest touch up, the operator is a young woman in her 20's who has done me many times before and is so positive. We chat as girlfriends. So I felt I could tell her that next week I was flying to the US for my SRS, I do not share this intimacy with everyone.

    So she asked me if I had thought of other surgeries, besides SRS and the FFS I had just done. I said I was possibly interested in breast enhancement, but did not know. This was as I was getting dressed, I showed her my push up pads that give me a respectable B, and I asked if she thought it was enough. She then told me that she too was originally small, also used push up pads, but did a breast enhancement not long ago. She thought the change for her was so much better and that she was very pleased with the results. She then proceeded to pull up her blouse and loosened her bra to show me her breasts and where the silicone was placed and the barely visible scar. I thought they looked wonderful and told her so, and said that she had just convinced me to do the same thing!

    I realized that I was being totally accepted as another woman that might benefit from her experience! For me it was a deep emotional experience of acceptance into the inner sanctum of womanhood.

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    That's great Dorit !! You are more physically changed than I am but I understand the feeling you are describing. I can tell the difference when some people think of me as a man or woman. To many people I am just a man that is transgender - even the ones that are OK with that - and to others ( primarily women ) I can tell they think of me as a woman. It is always nice when that happen.

    Have an uneventful trip and good luck with the surgery !!

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    That is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing and very best wished on your GCS (SRS)!

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    What an amazing experience that must be. Very happy you're surrounded by accepting people in your life. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    That must have been an very affirming experience. I've heard it said that one of the real tests of a successful transition is the ability to develop friendships with cis females. I'd say you're passing (pun intended).
    Best of luck on your next steps.

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    Thanks for sharing Dorit and please contact me when you get here so that I can call you after when you are recovering.

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