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Thread: When was the last time you purged and why?

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    I've never purged due to a feeling of masculine inadequacies or whatever. Before figuring out women's sizes and styles of dresses I donated dresses that did not fit well. There was a period of time when I felt shame and all that rubbish and just did not buy anything. Now I just buy what and when I want. I have 162 dresses and too much lingerie. I freely admit I have a compulsive desire to "collect" or buy women's clothing.....retail therapy.

    Where do I hide all that stuff. In about twenty xerox boxes which are stacked up in our rec room which is now a dump site for over indulging in just about anything. My wife does not snoop. I think she is afraid of finding out what she may find. Even given permission she will not open the door or drawers to my armoire.

    I don't know where Judy hides all her stuff now. I would not appreciate my wife tossing anything I own out....PERIOD. I would hate to be in an marriage where a wife felt it was alright to just toss everything. So much hostility. I would be single.

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    When I was a teenager, so 40 plus years ago and that was when I struggled with what I was, back then there was no forum to go to, I was a bloke who wanted to wear women’s clothes and it didn’t sit well with me, I’d been through the it’s just sexual thing, it wasn’t

    How hard could it be to just get rid of my hard earned things, course I didn’t need them, I just wanted to be “normal”

    That was it, got rid where there was no chance of changing my mind, regretted it immediately, here I am now and realised long ago this is me and my cross dressing is my normal, a very happy and content cross dresser

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    For me it was about 20 years ago.
    Guilt, shame and fear of discovery were my reasons.
    Then it just got to be too much and I came out to my wife, risking whatever might happen, as I just had to get free of all the guilt and shame and hiding. Luckily for me she was willing to talk, explore and eventually became fully supportive. Now there will never be another purge.

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    oh wow Im jealous now, I wish I had that many!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Torn View Post
    I gave eight bags and plastic bins, to a thrift store about 14 months ago, and only kept some panties and pantyhose. All my wigs, and size 15, 16 ladies shoes, many dresses, skrts, tops, jewelry and purses gone! Later, i got four more dresses on Ebay, a top, and a skirt, and a few cheapo wigs, and one pair of 5" heels, and a little make up at a dollar store, and some jewelry at a thrift store. Had some hard hits financially lately, so no more, if i can control it.. Not dressing as much anymore, too. I purged out of feeling suicidal, and guilt and shame, and not being the man.
    I'm sorry to hear that, I've had those feelings too and they can get very difficult to handle. I'm glad you are still alive

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    I know right??? That's a lot of clothes!

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    I still don't know how replies work in here. I tried replying individual posts but apparently they all went to the same first reply I made??

    It's very comforting and validating to hear about other people experiencing the same emotions and doing things for the same reasons even if said reasons are dumb or wrong. I don't feel like I'll go through a purge again but I do see myself getting rid of some stuff to get new clothes more appropriate to my age. I guess that says something about me being more comfortable and accepting of who I am, unlike a few years ago.

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    I still don't know how replies work in here. I tried replying individual posts but apparently they all went to the same first reply I made??

    It's very comforting and validating to hear about other people experiencing the same emotions and doing things for the same reasons even if said reasons are dumb or wrong. I don't feel like I'll go through a purge again but I do see myself getting rid of some stuff to get new clothes more appropriate to my age. I guess that says something about me being more comfortable and accepting of who I am, unlike a few years ago.

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    Last time I purged was in 2007 right before I got married to my best friend and partner. At the time i didn't know if she would accept my x-dressing so I took action....but now I realize that she doesn't mind, with boundaries.

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    I purged somewhere around 1992 before I got married.
    slowly but surely the crossdressing came back, and the light dawned on me
    I realized, that woman was really not the right one for me.
    Doubt that I will ever purge again, this is me.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    I had many cycles of purging. A lot for the same reasons others had. Guilt, shame, believing my urges were escapism (to some degree, perhaps, they were). Fortunately, during my purging phase, I only owned cotton panties and pantyhose. No expensive items. Hmmm... my last purge?.... I don't remember. Must have been the late 1990's, before my wife had discovered my clothing preference. I involuntarily purged when my wife and I separated some years ago. I had more expensive items by that time, but not a large collection. But, since being re-united, she has been very supportive. No more purges. Neither voluntarily nor involuntarily.

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    My last purge was about 25 years ago. I was going off to collage and didn't want my collection to be found by my Mom or sister. Didn't want to take it with me because I knew I would not be able to have them in my dorm with roommates and all.

    After I graduated and got my first "professional job" it took a long time for me to start again. Looking back I wish I would have jumped back in whole hog!!! Like the day I moved into my first place of my own!! The first year I started dressing again everything fit in a small box by my bed. Now I have 2 closets full and 8 big storage tubs!

    I am looking to thin a few things out. Much of what I am storing is too good to just pitch. But I don't see a purge any time in the near future, But do I really need all this stuff!?!?!?

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    I conducted a purge a week or two ago.

    All my A cup bras have become too small and have had to make way for B & C cup replacements. I have restricted myself to one new bra for every old one discarded.

    I put all my old bras into the clothes bank. What they will make of 20 lacy plunge bras, I dread to think!

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    Not exactly a purge but I put everything in suitcases for a declaration of unhappiness of wife, around 2 years ago.
    I promised that even I could change who I am she would have her man. I couldn't sustain my promise so long. Depression, sadness and a ver came but that was the crucial moment when I decide to transition and pursue who I am. From then, no more purges it my wardrobe has grown and Male stuff are minimal there.
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    Lately I’ve been purging more old male stuff and giving away my girl stuff I know I won’t wear anymore. I have a lot more women’s clothing now than male... things to come?

    At the makeup counter

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    Hell-o Emmarrin,
    Gosh? Thanks alot for making me look back at the timeline!
    Honestly, it was almost 25 years ago. I didn’t have much of a collection at the time, but my SO had no idea I dressed, and came home early one night. The jingle of the keys in the apartment door had me nearly scared to death as I made giant strides towards the bathroom to change!
    The fear of her finding everything made it easy to throw it all in a trash bin the following day.

    FYI...I didn’t “restock” until about 5-6 years ago.

    And yes I do miss a few of those pieces. Hell! They’re halfway to being antiques by now!
    Much Love,
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    I smile because you are my friend, and
    I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!!!

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    I made (another) purge few years ago when my wife and I moved to the state next door. But settled in now and starting over once again.

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    I have never purged. If things get thrown out or donated it’s just time, whether worn out or out of ( my) style
    If you only knew the power of the pink fog! ~Joss

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    I last purged when i left Uni and moved back in with my parents.

    By the time i moved out with my SO, i had already started rebuilding with her support.


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    My one "purge" was about 6 years ago when my wife opened a mail order item which came after I left for work, flipped out, and executed a search-and-destroy mission. That came close to destroying me and our marriage.

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    My last purge was in 2010 after my wife discovered a pair of peep-toe heels I had neglected to put away. Angry words and ultimatums were delivered that night, leading to a commitment once again to stop dressing. Of course, my abstinence only lasted a few months before I started accumulating another collection. While I have disposed of some items since then that was only because I no longer like them or they wore out; it wasn't a purge.

    I still feel moments of guilt where I contemplate purging and trying to be the husband she wants me to be, but there's always that procrastination of "maybe on another day" that means it never happens.
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    My purge occurred in 2009. I moved and had to reduce everything. I donated most (not all) of my femme wardrobe (shoes, lingerie, dresses, pants, tops, etc) to the local Salvation Army. I hoped another femme girl would find them.

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    Its something I've never done,although my ex wife on finding my stash did it for me

    I really need a purge though,I've far too much stuff,I always have lofty ideas but in the end never get rid of much,think this time I'll get my lovely wife to join me to do a purge (a welcome intervention this time) for I know she'll be ruthless

    We look to Scotland,for all our Ideas of Civilisation-Voltaire


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    About 3 years ago for me. The usual cycle, though it was only underdressing then. Last year I got some new knickers and she kicked off. I tried to purge but she wouldn't let me. After a brief DADT I tried a dress and well I think the wife sees no possibility of any kind of purge now. ☺
    Still won't let me shave though. 😒
    Although... I'm hoping to have something to share on that front soon. 😬

    Ooh wait! I HAVE purged. I lost a little weight so a couple of skirts had to go AND over the year my femme tastes have shifted and are a little more targetted now. So a bunch of early misguided (very cheap) purchases got passed on. Turns out I was attempting to dress like an elderly aunt. 😄
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    About 3 years ago, not long before meeting my now ex...I was feeling guilty and like I shouldn't be doing this and threw out everything.
    Nowadays the feelings of guilt are still slightly there, but not enough to make me throw out everything when I know it makes me feel good most of the time.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Never have because I never saw the need to. I have always accepted what I am.
    No guilt or anything like that.
    I have given away clothes to homeless shelters and taken some to Goodwill but I don't consider that purging just re purposing.

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    I haven't purged in the traditional sense (getting rid of everything out of fear and anxiety) in over 20 years. But I do occasionally purge just to make room for more.

    My last big purge was last summer. I purged an entire extra large garbage bag of clothes, everything from skirts and blouses to bras and panties that didn't fit or that I just didn't wear anymore.
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    Never fully purged. I have gotten rid of things over the years, as I'm not a horde but never purged once.

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    fashion trends change and I like to think I am keeping up with it all but purging? not really just a means for getting rid of those few bits and pieces I do not fancy wearing any more.
    I started life a lost man now I am a found woman

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