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Thread: The RAREST CDer of them all.

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    Fascinating discussion. Once again we see so many combinations and I am sure the responses here are just scratching the surface. What I get from all of this is that we tend to do that which makes us comfortable and sometimes with what we view as appropriate adjustments for venue. I asked my wife how she decides what to wear on any particular day. She said it is a matter of what I am planning on doing and how I feel. Sure sounds familiar to much of what is said here. Goes to show there is not only a gender spectrum but also a spectrum of gender expression and the two go hand in hand. You are all so beautiful. Non-traditional for sure. But then it is sometimes said that tradition is something that we do but forgot why we do it. To me, non-traditional is the path to the future, the path of adventure and innovation and discovery. I think perhaps we are a bit more special than we think.

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    I favor the attempt to transform into a women. I understand that some feel comfortable presenting as a MIAD. However, that is not my attraction to crossdressing.

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    I'm like Rhonda (which makes me chuckle since that's my buttoned-up, conservative Sister-in-law) and Chrisi. Hybrid mode can be fun.

    Also, Is it just me or does the thread title make us sound like Pokemon?
    'Girlymen, gotta catch em all'
    I'll get me coat
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    I consider all my dressing NB or MIAD. Most often my dressing is same as my male mode but with skirt and heels. For Girls Night Out I go closer to femme with a full outfit, jewelry, hair in a girly style, fake boobs usually, and face shaved but still no trying my best to be female (no makeup, no concealer, hairy chest/arms/legs, same voice, male wedding ring, etc). I like to have variations in between these two modes, but I fall short on the femme side to be part of the rarest CDers of them all

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    The question is not where, but when.
    I haven’t really done the MIAD thing in public since I got my wigs. I’ll do it at home, though.

    When going out dressed, my wig and breast forms feel essential. I’d feel weird if I didn’t have them on.
    ...and though she feels as if she is in a play, she is anyway...

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