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Thread: The RAREST CDer of them all.

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    The RAREST CDer of them all.

    The BOTH dresser.

    These ladies that venture out into the RW "dressed".

    Sometimes, doing all within their power to "pass as a woman".

    Sometimes as some variety of MIAD making no attempt at all to pass.

    Curious as to how you decide which mode as most here (at least the ones who post) fit into the always try OR never try category.

    Is it as simple as flipping a coin or how much time you have to get dressed or workday/weekend or some other method?

    I have a feeling that many here have used BOTH methods but now stick with one or the other?

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    Yeah Ok like whatever Tracii G's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Some days its 100% girl mode.
    Other days its a mix of both genders clothes wise. 100% guy mode hasn't happened since 2006.
    I am not a MAID because I'm not into that, if I wear a dress its 100% girl mode.
    Head Executive Chief of the Dept of Redundancy Dept.
    Expert plumpologist

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    Gold Member Alice Torn's Avatar
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    Midwest U.S.
    Either 100% blue collar outdoorsy guy driving older vehicle, or the rare times out, 100% older super tall gal.

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    As I replied in a similar thread to this , I prefer to go out as Teresa not Terence , there is no in between, it doesn't satisfy my GD needs but I know my appearance falls short of passing, I appear to look female enough to be accepted with the majority of people in the RW and that is good enough for me . Look for 100% and you're looking to be disappointed .

    The coins are kept for the parking machine I don't need them to make a decision .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    While I wear women's jeans and tops and such out, have only worn panties the last 15 years and sometimes add a slight touch of makeup I just can't bring myself to be a MIAD.
    When I dress to go out I want nothing more than to be viewed and accepted as a woman.
    Can you see the REAL Me?

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    Platinum Member Beverley Sims's Avatar
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Girl or boy, sometimes a little androgynous but never a miad.

    That would be drawing attention to myself.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I have done the whole spectrum.

    Fully dressed as woman (NEVER trousers)
    Man in skirt, head scarf, male shirt
    Man in skirt, women's top
    Man in dress (bare legs, women's sandals)
    Fully women's clothes but not presenting as woman - shoes, tights, trousers, top, jacket all women's

    I don't have a favourite but full-on woman gives more confidence. None of these seem to attract attention - if people notice they are too polite to say anything.

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    I only dress when I can take the time to go "all the way" --- make up, breast forms, wig, thigh-highs, heels and passable clothing. When I look in the mirror, I want to see a woman with whom I'd like to spend time. Granted, this takes a while, but to me it's worth the time.
    I used to be influenced by peer pressure, but my friends talked me out of it.

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    Senior Member Majella St Gerard's Avatar
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    Myrtle Beach SC
    I used to do the man in a dress look, it worked for me at the time. Now it's either all or nothing.

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    Las Vegas Nevada
    I go any where from all Male to all female look and everything in between. What makes the difference is how I feel where I am going and how long will it be. Sometimes I just feel like wearing just a skirt or whatever.

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    I only dress when I can be 100% Fem. Includes all make-up, lashes, nails. Then when I go out I know I will be passable. Even when I am staying home I go 100% Fem or nothing.

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    Pretty much a full time panty wearer in the RW not out but do have some time every now and then to dress all the way. When I'm in the mood to dress I want to go all the way except I just don't go out into the RW. I don't think panties count in the MIAD category.

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    Stop that, it's silly.... DIANEF's Avatar
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    At the present time I am all female or all male when going out. Apart from some women's jewellery when in drab there is no in between.
    Here today, gone tomorrow....

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    Greater Houston
    Most of us don't pass, and never will. No, we don't. On the other hand lots of us, myself included, work hard to blend. I am frequently surprised at how often I escape being made, but know for certain that the moment I interact with someone, I've been clocked, but I also know that I will most likely be treated as a woman. The reason? Because that is what I present. Not a man in a dress, not Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, not something in between male and female. A woman. But that's just me. And don't get me wrong. Non-binary presentation and fantasy costuming is fine with me. I was delighted to come across Dorothy Gale in the supermarket where I do most of my shopping (no, not even close to Halloween). I have to point out though that she clearly made people uncomfortable. No, not as uncomfortable as the people I saw last night on Fremont Street, gaping at the nun, leading around by his leash, a guy in pantyhose and a diaper ( I swear it's true ☺), but still uncomfortable. Activist or exhibitionist, people like that are deliberately trying to do the opposite of what i am doing when I go out.

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    Senior Member Jaymees22's Avatar
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    somewhere over the rainbow in NJ
    I prefer to be one or the other not Mr./Ms. in between. Mostly a RW male but when dressed as a woman head to toe. I do underdress sometimes for stress relief??
    I enjoy being a boy, being a GIRL like me!!!

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    Aspiring Member ToniG's Avatar
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    East Mesa Az.
    Never do the MIAD thing---but change-it-up depending on the activity and destinations. Often underdressed. Sometimes mixed/androgenous. Could Never "pass"- but can "blend" somewhat as Senior GG. No interest in looking "sexy" or "hot"---so I don't Dress that way when full-fem. Style is conservative senior gg--as that's who is in my area that I live. No coin-flipping. A "minority-within-a-minority"---as I haven't worn pantyhose in yrs. Toni G..
    "Seen by Many---Clocked by Any??"
    In the Snowbird Zone

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    Yeah Ok like whatever Tracii G's Avatar
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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I agree Aunt Kelly.
    Head Executive Chief of the Dept of Redundancy Dept.
    Expert plumpologist

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    I have only gone out as all female. I have never thought of mixing the two styles. I’m either male or female. When I’m female I go all the way with hair, makeup, nails, well fitting clothing, purse, jewelry, and nice shoes that fit the occasion. I definitely like to blend in but at the same time trying to be alittle bit in the “hot” zone.


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    Rarest? Really? I would have thought the most common. But, I guess especially since the NB thing comes up more and more I'm realizing that those of us who exist in the middle, who go out 50/50, who present as a feminine male, who mix in any number of ways, maybe are not all that common. This is seriously news to me, because I would have thought we all did it. I've ALWAYS done it, and a lot of the times I did it were/are every bit as exciting and fulfilling as going all out. Do y'all never go out with your nails polished in male mode? If you've got long hair, don't you ever have your hair done and leave it done for a while in male mode? Never wear feminine jewelry in male mode? From my way of looking at it, if you're not, you're missing out big time!

    Someone mentioned Renee Richards in another thread. I, too, was obsessed with her when I was a teenager. I can still picture those Sports Illustrated pics of her. One of the things that I LOVED was her hoop earrings. When my wife and I got married we both played tennis a lot at the courts at the apartment. I had long hair then, wore womens short shorts and a T-shirt, but I didn't play without putting on some large hoops. I didn't have pierced ears, but that didn't stop me. Although my wife was accepting and even encouraging back then, she would not have gone for me wearing a tennis dress, but I could wear those big hoops and it was freaking awesome!

    So many things I could detail where I would have missed out if I had only gone out full girl. I'm very surprised that all off us don't indulge a little here and there.

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    mini kilted chick t-girlxsophie's Avatar
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    Lanarkshire,Bonnie Scotland
    100% en femme when out and all that entails, at home dressed fully again but lots of the time pretty casual, might forgo excessive make up for a/ It's bloody expensive to wear all the time and b/ no one apart from my wife and kids will see it, only time I'm dressed without my wig is in bed

    We look to Scotland,for all our Ideas of Civilisation-Voltaire


    A woman who loves to wear beautiful clothes is like a flower.
    A man who loves to emulate these women is a special flower-a rose
    Facebook:Sophie Johnson

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    You have the wrong mind set, or not.

    Question for you to think about if you dare.

    What is your endgame?

    A- Walking around being invisible. Going to gay bars when you are not gay, or other letter places. This is the blending mind set. If you want to stay and live here there’s nothing wrong with it. Again let me be very clear, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this, if it is what you want and it works for you, more power to you.

    B- Live life on your terms. Making friends in the RW. Wearing what you want. Going where you want, when you want. Basically living life in a dress and not thinking about it.

    The only thing in my life that is constant is change. I am constantly evolving.

    When I stopped trying to hide is when everything changed. Looking back I didn’t know what I was doing and had no guidance. I started building a life as Jean a TG person. I was making friends and becoming known around town so I had to come out to stay ahead of it. If you want to stay in the closet I strongly advice against taking this path.

    I work as a guy, the rest of the time I’m Jean.

    When I say I wear what I want there is a big but, I’m looking for the approval of my friends (GGs). They have taken me into their group and treat me as I am just one of the girls. They will let me know if what I’m doing or wearing is something they approve of or not. Still I always wear heels and until recently I refused to wear pants. If it was cold I would wear tights. When I first wore pants my friends were like “what’s this casual Saturday” it was a Saturday.
    I didn’t get here overnight. It took a lot of time and work on my part. I was late coming to this party, this is why I was pushing so hard at first.

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    Senior Member faltenrock's Avatar
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    May 2007
    If and when I go out dressed and to present as female, it needs to be 100 %. I never wear trousers or manly stuff when out as Doreen. I only wear dresses and skirts, along with all neccessary items to go with it. Only that make me feel nice and beautiful.

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    Reality Check Krisi's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    I wear panties and women's jeans in male mode but I don't see this as being anything other than "male". Nobody can see my panties and the women's jeans are just "jeans", nothing female about them except for the size.

    Other than that, it's male or female, never anything in between. It's Krisi or Homer, never "Kromer".

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    Silver Member Becky Blue's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    When I am out as Becky i am 100% all in or I am a mere male, dull, drab and boring
    A.K.A Rebecca & Bec

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    Weirdest woman ever! docrobbysherry's Avatar
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    Orange County, Calif.
    First off, I'm a CD so dressing for the RW bores me to death!

    However, for me the difference between going out as a MIAD or passing female IS as easy as flipping a coin! That's how long putting on a mask takes!

    No mask: MIAD!

    Mask: Often pass as female!
    But, only around Halloween!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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