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Thread: Is your spouse comfortable watching the entire transformation process?

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    My wife and I are still evolving with accepting my dressing desire. My wife is very supportive in giving me time to dress and has no issues with me underdressing. We both are still uncomfortable with her seeing me fully dressed with wig and make up. Funny thing is she is ok with seeing me dressed in photos. Somehow the seeing me dressed in real time is more intimidating. I am also not sure how comfortable I am with my wife seeing me fully dressed. She has seen me in new outfits without make up and wig. We will take our time in getting to the point of her seeing me dressed, if we ever do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayshave View Post
    My wife has no problem watching the transformation process. I think I may have more issues with it than she does.
    Yup. Me too. I'm about an hour and a half getting girled up on a good day. In that time the wifey has a habit of bursting into the room at least three times, for various reasons. (She's like a cyclone until she hits the pillow and passes out lol.)
    I don't feel comfortable being seen "unfinished". But that's pretty much my problem. She could care less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by char GG View Post
    The entire process takes my SO 5 hours. I don't have that kind of spare time in a day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor186 View Post
    I don't mind occasional status updates during the four hour transformation process...
    Wow, I must be doing something wrong. I cannot imagine what would take 4 or 5 hours. My wife is a minimalist when it comes to her makeup, but we were waiting on our DIL to get ready to go out to eat over the holidays, and my wife commented on how I could go from total guy mode to total girl mode in less time than our DIL can do just her makeup.

    As far as how involved she is, when I am home she likes to help with makeup, and is usually in the room during the rest of the process. When I am working away from home, she likes for me to send her pictures so she can critique my makeup.

    Speaking of which, she just looked over and asked if I would like for her to do my makeup, then she has a couple of dresses she wants my opinion on for an upcoming trip. She also said she had a couple she wanted me to try on. So, I’ll talk to y’all later!
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    Yes , she has watched, picked out outfits , helped with makeup. We don’t do mannerisms as I think that makes us both uncomfortable, but it’s never been discussed either. We’ve gone out once with me dressed( and will again when my nerve returns) and shop for clothes, shoes and makeup regularly. She asks for my advice and vise verse on if something looks good or not if we question it. She doesn’t “encourage it” she just goes with the flow. Life is pretty damn good
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    Thanks everyone for the thoughtful and well articulated responses ... but I wasn't really expecting less from the wonderful people on this forum. I am thankful everyday for how accepting my wife is of Danielle although it would be great if she decided to go back to meeting Danielle face to face once in a while. I guess that is why an important reason for me joining the forum was for the honest feedback I get on Danielle's presentation from members here and online friends I have met through this forum.

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    Little late to the party here, but wanted to contribute. My wife and I are polar opposites when it comes to getting ourselves ready to do anything. She wants total privacy, whether it's makeup, dressing, selecting accessories, whatever. I just go about my business, whether I'm dressing in jeans or a skirt and blouse. She can walk into the room no matter whether putting on panties, or applying mascara, and I really don't care. She gives me grief should I attempt to walk into the room if she's in there dressing or applying makeup.


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    My wife has never watched me "transform". I would be uncomfortable doing that in front of her but I would do it if the occasion required. It's normal for her to see me dressed and that's not an issue. She goes shopping with me for clothes and she has bought me clothes and jewelry on her own. I'm not sure I would say she is "supportive" but she accepts it.

    She has seen me undress several times. Not that she sits there and stares at me but I've done it in her presence. She has also seen me washing my boobs in the sink. Her comment: "When I want to wash my boobs I just step into the shower!"

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    my wife tolerant of my transformation and even does my hair (I don't use a wig) but has often said she likes it better when I transform back into male mode

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    She's supportive, always has been, but she's never witnessed the entire transformation process from start to finish. I suppose it's because she's busy doing other things or getting dressed herself.I would be alright if she had, as it wouldn't bother me in the least. Over the years she has seen me during every and any given stage of the process, though I'm sure she's more comfortable when I'm completely dressed. Now, if I was walking around the house all day in lingerie, I'd probably hear something from her.

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    My wife likes to be actively involved, making comments and suggestions. She has told me she enjoys the actual process and wants to ensure I look as good as possible. Including my clothing choices, making sure it looks realistic and not a horrible mash up of colours and/or styles.
    I think her favourite part is the make up stage since she goes as far as insisting that I use certain items from her own kit for a good finish. I don’t think we have ever had an issue over it, the cards were always on the table from day one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krisi View Post
    She has seen me undress several times. Not that she sits there and stares at me but I've done it in her presence. She has also seen me washing my boobs in the sink. Her comment: "When I want to wash my boobs I just step into the shower!"
    Mine asked me why I wear my bra to bed. I told her that unlike her if I don't wear a bra my boobs fall off...

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