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Thread: Didn't care for it

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    Didn't care for it

    Yesterday I went shopping for Karen ,not as Karen (not ready to shop dressed yet ) and picked up a few things for my New Years celebration en femme. I bought a new bra a nice bracelet and necklace, earrings and pair of heels, I have no problem buying heels in drab. When I got home my son who has seen me as Karen was on his way out and let me know he would be back later with his girlfriend.( she doesn't know about Karen). I wanted to try the new bra and heels on but knew I didn't have the time needed to do it the way I would like -fully dressed with makeup and wig so I put on the bra with my forms pulled a t-shirt on stepped into the heels still wearing my jeans threw a wig on and clipped on the new earrings. It felt so odd ,I didn't get the usual feelings of joy I get when I'm all dolled up. All that was missing was makeup, stockings and a dress but it felt so disappointing .For me it's all or nothing there's no satisfaction in going partway.
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    Karen, I know exactly how you feel. I just put a full length mirror up on an angle so I can’t see my face, try my yummies on, then move on. Better to find out it fits now instead of when you have a day or outing planned for yourself. Even better, just try them on in the store... nobody cares. My pain right now is that I have the house to myself (not that it matter my wife goes out with me) but it allows me to set the room up in a girly way I wouldn’t show off to my wife. Anyhoo, I have a big outing tomorrow inight for New Years and I haven’t shaved in a week because I want that super close shave tomorrow so I’m living in the same limbo.
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    Well at least you tried it and found out more about what you like / require.

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    Dressing all the way is always best but unlike you I can get some feelings of being soothed till I can dress 100% full on by dressing part way. The feelings are a lot stronger all the way of course.

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    The question is not where, but when.
    You're further along in your dressing than I - I would have been content with what you put together. That being said, I also feel frustrated when I dress under my potential. It feels like a wasted opportunity.

    Still, needs must when the devil drives, I suppose.
    ...and though she feels as if she is in a play, she is anyway...

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    Try a bit of lipstick next time. That really does provide a nice finishing touch on any look, even a dressed down look, which is mine everyday - no makeup except lipstick. I sometimes feel naked without it, unless I forgot to put it on. Then I don't even notice! Go figure.

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    I am somewhat content to grab what I can with dressing. While the full Monty is nice, I have to accept the partials, and luckily it gives me a fair amount of satisfaction. Sometimes the anticipation of utilizing whatever I purchased, for a full session will get me by. Perhaps because the opportunities are so limited, it works for me.

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    As time has gone by only fully dressing and wearing make up works for me. Love a good night out but dressing at home is nice too.

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    Karen, while I do underdress everyday, when dressing I only feel great when I do it to the 9s.
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    Yes, with me it's all or nothing too.

    No half and half will do. :-)
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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