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Thread: Lonelney of my own making

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    Lonelney of my own making

    Sat here alone, its my own fault, my xyx cromazozes won't let me stop what I'm doing

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    Can't blame it all on the chromosomes because there are several that have the same balance and they are out making friends and having fun. Deb we do though become a prisoner of the CDing and it's an addiction I can't shake.

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    It's a big world out there. Being a CD doesn't necessarily mean being alone. Look around the forum and you'll see many who are single yet lead full lives either enfemme 24/7 or as a mix and match with their drab side.

    Again, looking around the forum there are those who have found partners to share their daily lives with.

    It will always vary from person to person but opportunities are out there. You just need to start looking.

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    Debs, I don’t know your situation but if it was me I would be looking for a CD support group in your area. There seem to be plenty of them around and you get to hang out with like minded people, like here but in person.
    You can pm me if you would like.

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    How about socializing while underdressed- a compromise?

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    I think Crissy has presented a good idea. I have gone to support groups and they are a lot of fun, very helpful and uplifting. Most of the time, you are fully accepted by everyone and you are welcomed with open arms. You make new friends and quickly sink into the warmth and welcoming social interaction. It can build your confidence to try a wider audience. Give it a try. I think you will likely find it enriching.

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    It is a prison you will break out of once you find some alternative interests that help you get out.
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    Debs, I see you're nearing the retirement age, if not already retired. I've been fully retired for more than ten years. I have other interests which keep me busy and out of the house. I am not a compulsive cross dresser. I do not have a support group to go to although I go weekly to a Vietnam vet support group. Today is a CD Day. My wife is working today which means it is a Stephanie day. Today is a representative sample of a CD Day. I have already done the white laundry. The black laundry just started the wash cycle. The dishes are done. I've done some banking. All this attired in a black floral dress, hosiery and heels, and, all the pretty undergarments. Personally, I do not have the urge to venture forth from our home en femme. I do not sit around en femme if I have something that needs to be done outside the home.

    Perhaps, the answer is to see a primary care physician for a check up, and, to determine if you are depressed.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Beverley is right.
    Find a support group and make some friends in the group.
    You will have stuff to do and places to go with people just like you.
    Still one of the best things I did to make sense out of all of this.
    Its up to you to make the move because its not going to come to you and knock on the door.
    You need to make your own opportunities sometimes and this is one of those times.
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    Debs I can totally relate. Setting here in a small town where being a CD is just short of a disaster. My support group many, many miles away. I find my closeted online sisters dropping away one by one since I have gone public. Others say let's stay in touch and then don't answer your emails for what ever reason. Maybe you can find some people to do a drab lunch with. As for me I have finally conceded that my dressing has to work around my life. Not my life having to work around my dressing. Otherwise I'll be one lonely girl.

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    Debs, From my point of view its how you approach your situation, I have lived on my own now for the last 6 years, in the beginning it was hard and depressing but I built up a good circle of friends and made myself believe that things would get better, they did, I found this forum and from there I never looked back.
    Ther's never any need to feel lonely, because i think most feelings of loneliness can be obliterated by the forming of friendships especially here where you can share things you cannot with others.
    finally be positive, tell yourself that there is a life to be enjoyed and go with the flow.
    I started life a lost man now I am a found woman

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    We tend to put ourselves in a prison of our own making. I am separated and live alone, I dress up fully at least once a week and go out socially to karaoke bars, I fly solo and like it that way. I don't need the competition. Support groups are not my thing but if you need a crutch, a support group might work for you. What I'm saying is "just do it " life's too short to live it under a rock. Go out and enjoy life as yourself, I promise the villagers won't run you out of town on a rail. Tarred and feathered might be fun though 😝

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    When you're not visiting this forum, do some scouting, where you can go while dressed, minimally dressed, underdressed, whatever your chromosomes ask of you. Find your happiness.

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