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Thread: Your French Maids Outfit - Has anyone actually seen you model it ?

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    I don't have any maid's outfits, but I would love to have one just like the ones' that are worn in many high end hotels. Typically they are black with white trim, just like the picture in post #17. I would were it while I am doing my share of the household chores. My only problem is that might give my wife ideas about getting more maid
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    Yes indeed, my wife was with me when i bought it. Its a custom made latex dress we bought when we visited Berlin.
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    Yes I have one (actually two, but only one I really like to wear)
    It's kinda funny how I got into wearing a French Maid's uniform. I'm now a widower, and my late wife knew I crossdressed. She was disabled and towards the end of her life, I did everything around the house- the cooking, cleaning, and also waited on her needs. One day I was tired from doing all these things after a very long day at work as well. I asked her if she needed anything before I sat down to rest. She said, "No", but just after I had sat down to rest, she called me to get her some ice. I did so, but I told her, if she was going to use me as a Maid, then the least she could do is let me wear the uniform. To my surprise she said, " I've seen your legs--Go for it!!"
    Well after she passed away , my youngest daughter was so distraught she was bordering on suicide. I made a bet with her that if she would get dressed up in a costume for Halloween to take the grandsons out trick or treating, then I would dress up in costume too. We spent over a month preparing for Halloween, and took off to visit my oldest daughter and her family. I dressed before leaving my house, so I was in full girl mode. We stopped at a supermarket to get some things for the party, and I had a line of men following my every move in the store, I never knew I could run so fast in 3" Heels! At the party I got many complements on my uniform, and one lady complemented my youngest daughter on how well my makeup looked. She lost it when my daughter replied, " I didn't do his makeup- he did it himself, then did mine!!"
    Hopefully one day soon I will upgrade my membership so I can post pics of me in my French Maid's uniform!!

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    Apart from me posting pictures on the internet no one has seen me wearing it
    I would so love to dress in one for a woman or Mistress and maybe even serve as a sissy maid
    I have been asked to wear one for guys and cds before
    but didn't do it as I'm really seeking a woman

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    When I raised the level of my CDing some years back my inclination was to avoid costumes (though I did do the schoolgirl look at one makeover). Now that I am far more comfortable with it, maybe it's time for the French maid.

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    Heisthebride Heisthebride's Avatar
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    I did set up a photoshoot with a female friend of mine about 5 years ago. Mistress and the maid theme. So much more fun when you can share it with someone else.

    Rebecca Bas

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    Great Pic Hesithebride ! Wish I had girlfriends like you have

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    Hesithebride: I agree with Robbiegirl. Looks like you had fun.
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    Ummm, yeah. I bought it for Halloween party years ago, but no pics. Someone did stuff a dollar in my bra though.

    No pics, but you have to just believe me. I think I still have it somewhere, but I don't think I could get in on now.

    BTW, my wife was the butler.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me.

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    This pic is a few years old, but I still have this outfit, and still wear it occasionally.
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    "Taking the time to be in touch with my feminine side"

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    I have occasionally met guys on Craigslist and now Doubleist. For a date, I give them the option of regular girly attire, or a more racy ensemble. French Maid is the #1 choice.
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    Halloween 2006. It was my wife’s idea (I think she doesn’t know I dress).

    A friend invited us to a Halloween party on s Saturday before Halloween. We were married on Halloween, so it is an important date for us. Although we had been married for over ten years, it was the first Halloween party for us.

    We decided I would go as Ben Franklin. Went to a local costume shop. Tried on the costume and my wife hated it. As we were walking out, my wife scans the aisles then stops and says “Oh Honey, Look! This would be so cute.” She pointed to “Men’s French Maid Funny Costume”. My outside voice balked, but inside I was thinking “Fun.” After a few hems and haws from me and pleading from my wife, I agreed. I then told her that if I was going to dress in drag I would not do it half ass.

    After purchasing the costume, she immediately had us go to Payless to buy shoes. She wanted me to wear boots, but my calves were too large. She found a two pairs of Mary Jane heels in each of our sizes. As I was trying on the shoes, I saw a woman with her children and immediately stopped. She laughed and said it was okay as Halloween was approaching. I replied, true but I didn’t want to mess up her son.

    The next weekend, my wife took me to Erotic Cabaret to buy us each a petticoat and fishnet hose. She reveled in telling the women working that we were buying stockings for me to dress as a French Maid for Halloween. Then to a party store to buy us both cheap red wigs.

    When we arrived at the party, the host started laughing, and said she loved it. We mingled around and danced. Said hi to a long-time friend who didn’t recognize me. When someone toasted my outfit, I said “I'm more man than you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get!” People laughed and yelled Car Wash. What surprised me was how much more comfortable women I didn’t know were talking with me. Several women commiserated with me on how much our feet hurt. They also were oddly interested in feeling my boobs and wanted to know how I made them (pillow stuffing). Got lots of compliments for my legs. Not my best effort, but the first time in public dressed, albeit as a guy in drag not as Lynn.

    Several months later, my wife told a lesbian couple friends of ours about my French Maid outfit and my going all in. We saw the several months later, and the told Deb “We have something for Lindsey. I hope he likes it.” It was a 3X latex fetish mother superior outfit. Frederick’s of Hollywood had donated it to a local women’s shelter, and they had decided it might be inappropriate. Had been hanging in their closet for several years. Wore it to a Halloween party that year.

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    I just got my hubby a French maid outfit, it should be arriving today, he doesn't know about it so I'm super stoked to give it to him I hope he likes it!

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    Katie, How could he not like it, it’s wonderful on many levels. I think you are both in for a fun weekend.

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    8294E19B-A208-4A65-B9B3-01B74EBAFEAA.jpgNo, probably never would wear it in public. However, here it is.
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