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Thread: So like what happened to the old labels?

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    So like what happened to the old labels?

    I remember when i first started getting serious into the TG life it was around 1997 or 98.

    Back then the "gender variant" labels were transvestite, transsexual, or crossdresser. In today's gender culture, those words are seldom heard.

    I also remember when the words for "pansexual" were either omnisexual or trysexual meaning they would try about anything at least once.

    So this was only 20 years ago. How did the old labels get lost?
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    The question is not where, but when.
    Times change and we change with the times.
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    It's partly at least in response to the negative connotations that the old phrases carried that they were replaced. Transvestite was shortened to Trannie but while it would seem logical that Transgender could suffer the same fate it doesn't seem to have happened.

    One thing that continues to surprise me is another example of word use changing certainly in the UK is people are now refered to as being black, not coloured (you mean coloured as in blue, orange, purple is a phrase I've heard used to challenge it's now misuse). This doesn't appear to have happened in the US as there's still the Organisation for the advancement of coloured people, I think that's the correct title, on that side of the pond.

    Words matter. They influence thinking, bring about change, empower minorities. I think it's fair to say that in many people's minds, Transgender has a more positive connotation than Crossdresser. Folks now generally think that someone who is TG isn't someone making a simple life choice. It's something that they can't control, it's part and parcel of who they are.

    Older folks will continue to carry the older terms. Our youger people are now more familiar with the new and the effects can be seen rippling through society.

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    Don't know the labels got lost, if in fact they did, but losing all labels permanently would be a GOOD thing.

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    I remember ‘feeling groovey’. Not sure what ‘23 skidoo’ meant. And I guess once upon a time people said ‘you’re a daisy if you do’.

    Language evolves quickly, especially as cultural norms adjust.

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    They went along with Shakesphere's Olde English and the words used to describe African Americans years ago.

    Language is constantly evolving, what about the use of drab, describing dressing as a man and en femme.

    All very new descriptors.

    I feel that all of us here have the opportunity to invent new descriptors and go down in history for inventing same.
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    Knock yourself out with this list https://www.itspronouncedmetrosexual...m-definitions/


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    I think that one of the accelerators of change, especially in regards to changing language, is social media. Ideas and concepts can now be discussed around the world by larger groups of people than ever before.


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    Relying on social medial for intelligent conversation is a bit of a stretch LOL
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    Like sand through the hourglass..........


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    Labels are for Ketchup Bottles. When I dress I see me, and me only.
    What is difference on what we are called, we are still ourselves.

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