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Thread: Do you want to be a Women?

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    A Sweet Girl Roxanne Lanyon's Avatar
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    Jun 2018
    North East Georgia
    Yes, I do! Just like I would say to him when he asks me to be his wife!
    Roxanne, A Girl At Heart
    As Sweet As I Can Ever Be

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    Silver Member CynthiaD's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    I consider myself to be a woman, and the clothes to be a validation of those feelings. The idea of physical transition is appealing to me, but not necessary. It would validate my feelings, but wouldn't really change anything. I can still do the man thing if necessary. I've never been comfortable with the male role, and it took me a long time to master it. But I'm old now, and I've had years of practice.

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    New Member AnotherSarah's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    If I had the choice, yes i should have been female.

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    Silver Member prene's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Pacific North West
    Funny the more I dress the more I would love to transition.

    If I was 20 and know what I do now I would do it in a second.

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    New Member BeccaB's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
    No. But I definitely would have liked to have been born a girl. I wish I was one. But I don't wish to become one.

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    Sophie Sissy_in_pink's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Tamworth NSW Australia
    I have been thinking about why I'm a crossdresser and have come to the conclusion that I'm not transgender, but I would love to be a girl any way possible, only problem I have is the lack of funds to get a sex change and age, I'm 64 this month so it's a bit to late for me, but if I won a couple of million in the lottery I might consider a sex change then.
    I love to crossdress and would love to do it permanently, but family, friends and work prevent me doing so. I hope to retire in about 6 months and move far away, I will then be able to do it more often, like almost permanently.
    Sophie Mosley

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    New Member pob's Avatar
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    Jul 2018
    I would not change the sex I was born as but if I could magically swap between, I would :P

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    Reality Check Krisi's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    Yes, I have an ongoing fantasy that there is a chamber that I could enter with my wife and we would swap bodies for a week or two. That would be fun and safe.

    In reality, I'm sure my life is better than it would have been if I had been born female. That was a long time ago when women were expected to be housewives and have a bunch of babies or perhaps be secretaries. Women had few opportunities back then. I think if I were to be born today, female would be fine.

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    Girl Power! CrossKimmy's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    San Diego
    lately I’ve been wondering if I truly am trans

    What a luxury it is for people who are absolutely certain of their assigned gender. I like being a guy but I feel like off center like the lines don’t meet. When I’m dressed, all the lines are connected and I feel one with the world.

    I often wonder if my life would have been easier if I were born a girl so I would be certain of my identity in terms of my gender. Ughhh so difficult sometimes.

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    Member Katherine L.'s Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    No, I’m content to be a crossdresser.

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    Gold Member Lana Mae's Avatar
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    May 2016
    North Carolina
    Maybe! My "male" mode is getting more and more feminine! I was macho male with all the sports and rough and tumble activities! I am gender "me" right now! Taking hormones but not so sure about the SRS! I am just sailing along on my journey and will go where it takes me! I guess I am just Transgender! Not much male clothing left! Women's clothing 24/7 except at work! I am still dad and grandad, but I will be that always regardless of appearance! (Thanks, Pat!) Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    Senior Member Asew's Avatar
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    Jan 2018
    Rochester, NY
    As a teenager I had a hard time accepting my dressing since I didn't want to be a woman. And to me at that time it seemed like dressers should become drag queens or transition. I continue to not want to be a woman, but have accepted I am non-binary and can mix both male and female aspects in a way that works for me.

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    Member AmandaJean's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Such interesting and very thoughtful replies to this question. It does show that everyone has their own life and story. I truly appreciate you all sharing yours!

    As for me, I have no interest in being a woman. It's a thrill to dress up and present (to myself at least) as a woman. I like the clothes and the process of applying makeup, pads, forms, clothing and shoes. But it's just a once in a while step into how the other half lives. Woman are far too attractive to me and this is a way to be attractive to myself, if that makes sense.

    Now if you asked if there was some way to become a woman for a week and then be myself again. That would be an interesting experience. Obviously deep fantasy, but the idea of experiencing the world as a woman for a short period of time seems intriguing to me.

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    Mannequiniste ! Stacy Darling's Avatar
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    New South Wales
    I more want to be the product of the beauty within? Too Much?
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    Well I just dance the way I feel
    Well I just dance the way I feel
    Well I just dance the way I feel
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    Member Tabitha_Lynn's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Louisiana, USA
    I wish that I were born truly female in mind and body rather than just mind.

    Since that isn't possible, if do-overs were possible; I would certainly have chosen a a different life path and begun a full transition many years ago had I fully understood myself.

    However, because of life choices and commitments made before I came to truly know myself, I am committed to living a male life with only a smattering of my true identity sprinkled in.

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    Crossdresser Taylor186's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Midwest USA
    I would like to be seen as a 100% passable and attractive woman when out crossdressed (won't happen). Other than that, I am 100% male no matter what clothes I am wearing.

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    New Member
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    Jan 2019
    York PA, USA
    Echoing alot of other answers I'd love to be 100% passable but very comfortable being a man and dressing feemme.

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    Member Cynthia_0101's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Kingston, Ontario Canada
    I spent a lot of time thinking there was something wrong with me when I was young, I was conflicted as to what I was and what I should have been. But as I became older I accepted the fact that I am a man that loves to express my femenine side as wholy as I possibly can. Would I change anything now, no. I have fully accepted who and what I am.

    Be Yourself, And Be Fabulous While Doing it!

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    Sort of a n00b Pixie_94's Avatar
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    Costa Rica
    Sometimes, sometimes not.

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    Member StefaniLara's Avatar
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    Absolutely I do. Everyday I think about it. Took me years to come to that realization that I'm transgender and not a crossdresser. Whether I'll decide to actually transition is another question. For now, I'm happy to accept that I'm both male and female. I'm out, for the most part, but I'm not yet ready to take that step.
    A Girl in disguise

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    Senior Member Karen RHT's Avatar
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    Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada.
    No desire to transition whatsoever. I enjoy dressing and do what I can to look good while dressed. Have thought about dressing full time, but not ready for that, at least not yet. lol


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    Apr 2018
    I don't want to transition either. Although I love crossdressing, there's aspects of my male self that I love as well, including being a grandfather and father to my grown children.


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    Aspiring Member
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    Jan 2016
    No, I will not want to be a Woman
    Live Today as if it is your last day

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    Aspiring Member krissy's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    austin texas
    I love to dress as awoman but I do wish I had breast but I know I cant do that hell im a great grandpa I cant change now but I sure would love to have bigger breast to fill my bras

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    Westchester, NY
    Simple answer is no. I am a man interested in women. Nonetheless, cross dressing allows me to express an aspect of my personality that cannot be realized as a man.

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