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Thread: How feminine do you feel today on a scale of 1 to 10?

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    I just tried forms cardigan-throw maxi skirt sandals pearls new cat bag. Davina one *shall* go to the ball. 10/10.

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    OMG like a total 10 right now! Okay, no make up on, but I just received in the post the first girl jeans I've purchased for myself and a nice top. Not a pair I've "borrowed" from my wife, but my own, and they are doing WONDERS for my figure right now!

    I've decided that for every two pair of girl jeans I buy, I'll release one of my prisoners back to my wife

    From the neck up, I probably look more like a four, lol
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    Finally some time off after 7 nights at work had a chilled out evening,freshly defuzzed,dressed in my new fleecy PJ's,little makeup and sharing bottle of vino with my wife,definately a 10

    We look to Scotland,for all our Ideas of Civilisation-Voltaire


    A woman who loves to wear beautiful clothes is like a flower.
    A man who loves to emulate these women is a special flower-a rose
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    Fully dressed with makeup wig forms even painted my nail. I was a 10 today, and loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxanne Lanyon View Post
    I wish I were a 10! I am still in my nightgown and panties from bedtime, and just do not want to change! Oh, I am probably a six or seven. I have no partner yet, so it is hard to tell! Oh, to only have an understanding, loving partner, to tell me!
    Roxanne Lanyon
    I hear you girl. I am presently in a teddy and no make-up or wig. Had a short photo shoot yesterday(?) of me in a wig and barrette. That upped the rating up a notch for the shoot. Picture posted elsewhere.
    While I bought both the Star (on hat) and "Crown" broach, at Walmart, I do love them. They make me feel like I am a her majesty the queen herself.
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    Leslie Mary Shy
    A Southern Belle.

    "For a lump of coal to become a diamond, it takes a lot of pressure, heat, and time."
    "The question is, can I, as a lump of poor coal, survive that heat, pressure, and time."

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    OMG what a feeling, just wait till you try them on in a store, unbelievable,
    I started a few years ago and now wave over a dozen pairs.


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    Richmond Virginia

    Dressed up all girl day today.

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    I had the chance to dress all day and it was perfect day ❤ So I have to give it a 10++
    Jill Mansfield

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