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Thread: A nice day

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    A nice day

    I am on vacation (holiday) this week and I am just taking it easy and relaxing.
    I told my wife that one day this week I wanted to go shopping, and we decided on yesterday.

    It was the most I had dressed with my wife while out in public. I wasn't fully dressed, but close. I was wearing women's jeans and boots, I also was wearing panties, thigh high stockings and bra with forms. It was a cool day so I had a light weight jacket on to cover my bra and forms. The wife and I went out of town about 2 hours from our house so chances of running into someone we knew slim to none.

    We enjoyed the day just browsing through the women's sections in different stores in the mall. We were both getting hungry so we decided to eat at a steak restaurant that was in the mall. I originally had told my wife BEFORE we went to eat I wanted to take out my forms so I could take off my jacket without others noticing my "breasts". Well there was no chance to do this so we went in while my forms were still in my bra. My wife told me I could take off my coat so I wouldn't be so warm but I was self conscious about it. Just when I was about to take it off the hostess sat 3 teenagers across from us and I chickened out.

    I love my wife and I really appreciate that she supports me in my dressing and I tell her all the time how much she means to me.

    Hopefully we can do this again and I won't chicken out and let everyone have the chance to see that I am wearing women's clothing.

    I don't see myself ever trying to pass as a woman, so if I will always be a MIAD.

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    MIAD today, maid tomorrow...or some semblance thereof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura912 View Post
    MIAD today, maid tomorrow...or some semblance thereof.
    I don't think that there is anything wrong with being a MIAD and the way that your wife is allowing you to express yourself is truly amazing. If she isn't worried about being with you in public, then you should follow her lead and not worry about what others think as much. I know that this is hard, and it takes years before you can just ignore the ones that want to stare or whisper....

    Laura, we might as well close this thread since you stole the show
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    Nothing like being on holidays to relax a little.

    Enjoy the moment.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    It seems to me that you're blessed with a very supportive SO, one who's fully onboard with your dressing.

    It also seems to me that you're only a few steps away from reaching the point of fully committing to being torally dressed and by that I mean the addition of makeup and a wig.

    I may be wrong but it further sounds like you're falling into the trap of, "I'll never pass so Maids the best I can hope for". It's true most don't pass close inspection but as written in another current thread, " Once you do that a couple of times you are liberated by the discovery that 99% of the people you interact with could care less if you are a woman, a crossdresser or a space alien. That seems pedestrian but it can be an epiphany." (MonicaPVD).

    So I would suggest asking your SO if next time you go shopping together would she be ok with you trying on some wigs. If yes then once bought, leave it on and go find a store and get a makeover.

    Be warned however, the consequences could be that you from there on in will never look back. Soon you'll be just another GG out shopping, dining, doing all the things you did in drab but now enfemme.

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    Hi Guy,
    That sounds sooooo nice to have a warm and supportive wife with you helping you get out, encouraging you.

    I'm MIAD of course, and to me that also means I don't want to use forms- no enhancement beyond tighter fit around the waist and fluffy underskirts to both hide non tucking and ....oops -yes- this is where my theory breaks down, widen my hips- but of course I excuse that because it is already what women do for styling. My message is that I am genderfluid- a mix- male, yet with feminine proclivities.

    Your wife obviously does not mind seeing you adding shape, and that is interesting- women do that as well- so they are sympathetic to doing whatever to mimic the idealized female shape. Have you asked her to talk to you about what she is feeling, what she sees as where you are going with this, what she likes and perhaps is also worried about? She may feel safer when you are visibly male yet exploring female memes, or maybe she is super secure and protecting you and encouraging you, slowly. Maybe going all out will be more fun for her as well- it will be interesting to find out! I'm super happy for you.
    We are all beautiful...!

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