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Thread: A simple show of hands. I WAS WRONG!!!???

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    The question is not “where”, but “when”.
    I deliberately planned to go out for the first time during a pride weekend. The area where I lived was very accommodating of this sort of thing, so I was more scared of running into someone I knew. No probs.
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    Not me. My first (and more or less last) time out while dressed was with a bunch of GG friends back in college. They had suggested that I dress up as a prank, not realizing(?) that I was a closet dresser. I was a fun night.

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    The only thing I can see of it being wrong is if you deliberately caused harm to another or yourself. Being that you didn't no you were not wrong. Being nervous seems like it just comes with the territory.

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    Iíve done a few drives with wife and walked around outside of a motel but stayed away from everyone. Then on New Years we got a hotel and we celebrated outside and suddenly people started pouring out. Now mind you Iím not good at makeup yet so just mascara and lipstick hair done and fully dressed but I got so many smiles and you look amazing a that it melted my heart and right me people can be amazing. Still scared shitless of anyone I know finding out tho. Although roommate I think is slowly catching on. But damn that was a great night. Thanks for the question. And I gotta say I wasnít wrong to wait, I believe everything has a reason and if I had rushed it I donít believe I would have been as comfortable, Mind body and soul wise.
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    Nervous, hell yes even though I'd read so many posts about just how safe it is, the fear's all in our heads and I suppose in my heart of hearts I knew this to be true. That said it's completely natural to be nervous when placing yourself into a strange situation.

    Over all, a little bit of butterflies is a good thing. It keeps you switched on. When I'm out shopping etc. now I'm completely relaxed, comfortable with who I am. That said, I still scan the crowd for the rowdy drunk or drug user who might kick off but I suppose I do that in drab anyway, perhaps just a percentage point or two more when enfemme.
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    I was not scared on my first outing. It was this past Halloween, so as far as anyone else knew it was a costume. Little did they know I want to wear something like I did daily. I am 58 and a somewhat empty nest-er. My Son just moved back in while we sell his house. So, I don't have anyone really in my life to speak of, (Sad I know), so I dress at home mostly, and now that I went out I have decided to work on my lack of make up skills. I had it professionally done for Halloween, and want to be able to do it myself.

    So, all I can say is be confident, and most importantly have FUN!!! That seemed to be the one thing that made the night fun.

    I don't know if I would say I am "out" of the closet, I will say that I was pretty well accepted. Baby steps right?

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    My first time out did not go very well. I went to Payless to try on some shoes and the sales clerks laughed at me. They actually came to the windows to point while I walked back to my car.

    After that it took me about another year and a half to get the courage to try again. I lost weight(muscle), wore long sleeves to cover my arms, worked on my body movements and style. Now I have been out alot, most of the time without incident, but once in a while something happens and my courage takes a hit.

    My biggest hurdle has been understanding that most people know I am not a woman and going out anyway.
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    My very first outing was without a wig and make up! I took a daylight drive and was seen by two police persons and a road flagman! The world did not explode! Fully dressed with wig, make up and forms was during my transformation to get a wig! Driving dressed on the highway and in a city I had never been in! Got a few looks and called sir but that was all! Have been out a whole lot since then with no regrets! And I am from NC! LOL Hugs Lana Mae
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    Yes I was WRONG! I finally came out at the FemmeFever party at Rainbow Mountain in Pennsylvania this past weekend. My wife actually found the FemmeFever group on and recommended that I take a look at this. If Maria wanted to go out, this may be the group to do this with. The anxiety level grew each day, as Friday got closer and closer. I packed and re-packed, changing what I was going to wear, and with her approval, I took a deep breath and drove to Pennsylvania. I spent hours on Friday getting ready, feeling "cold" from anxiety and finally drove over to the resort, parking the car, and sitting inside for 10 minutes before I just took a deep breath and opened the door. Once I walked into the lobby, I was trying to control my fear, as my heart was racing !
    I was greeted by a wonderful participant, and then another, and another! Everyone made my first 5 minutes a wonderful experience, and I thank all that said hello. Dinner was rather awkward for me, but as the time went by, it became a little easier and I began to actually enjoy myself. I was welcomed into the experience and am thankful for the opportunity to attend.

    And yes, when I went home on Friday evening (I didn't stay at the resort) there was this happy feeling and I realized that I have been waiting for so many years to venture out and interact with others, and I should have done this years ago!
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    Oh Lord, I could develop a TV comedy sitcom series based on the first year of going out after coming out. What could go wrong often did and there were unexpected happenings.

    The first time out of the house en femme and in full ensemble (wig, make up, clothes, etc.) was a Driving While Dressed episode. I have an Infiniti convertible and went out for a spin with the top down. I was cruising well down the boulevard and came to a stoplight. A large white panel delivery truck (the like that are driven almost standing up), pulled up on my left. The driver, I noticed, was checking out the blond in the convertible next to him. He yelled out, "Hey miss. Do you know where 120th Street is?" I was completely "new' at having a public face for Ilene and certainly no voice for her. So I blurted out in my normal male baritone, "Stay on this road and make a left at the 4th light. That's 120th." He thanked me. Then I noticed he turned left at 115th St, well before 120th St.
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    First time EVER out fully dressed YES it was very wrong,Basically because it was perhaps the stupidest thing I had did in my life till that point,a total s**tshow,no real planning involved which ended in disaster.I've related before so won't go over the same ground

    But once i got my act together,many years later going out (to support group),yes I was terrified.but it was to prove right for me.just knowing there were others like me was incredible.I've never thought going forward from that day that its been wrong

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