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Thread: Wearing it wrongly

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    Wearing it wrongly

    No doubt this has happened to us all at some time. For me it was Friday, I was watching the t.v. when the female presenter gave her piece to introduce the programme I noticed that she was wearing a skirt in a similiar style. What got me was that I was wearing my skirt wrong which I've had for years. The style was a double split at the front she was wearing it that way while I wearing the split at the back. Any one have had the same experience.

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    Thank the gods for the internet and the tips from my wife! I don't know if I've had any major faux pas or wardrobe malfunctions, but sometimes I wish female clothes came with instructions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macey View Post
    Thank the gods for the internet and the tips from my wife! I don't know if I've had any major faux pas or wardrobe malfunctions, but sometimes I wish female clothes came with instructions
    They more or less do as there is always an indication as to where the back goes - most often it's a label, but it may be something else, just look before you put anything on.

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    Further to what Charlotte has written I've found that if a skirt has a side vip it tends to be on the left although that's not universal.

    Labels in tops also tend to be on the left other than those on the inside of the collar.
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    I agree with Helen. If the label or zipper doesn't belong in the back, it is usually on the left side.

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    Interesting point , maybe you did get right and she had got it wrong .

    I have some skirts that can be worn how you choose , some with dipping hems have to be experimented with , I have one which should be worn with the dip at the front but it doesn't look right on me especially if a wear boots with it so I turned it to my right side and it's a different skirt .

    On one amusing occasion I tried a dress on , the SA asked me to step out and check the fit , she said it fits fine but would look a whole lot better if I didn't wear it back to front !
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    If you like it you are wearing it right.

    I have a dress that l wear backwards due to the neckline. I wore it for my boyfriends 50th birthday party. I was the hostess and the party was a huge success. Everyone loved the dress. My best friend wanted it, no, for a couple of reasons. Mainly because it is skintight.

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    There are just so many wrong ways to wear clothes.

    A couple of dresses I have can be worn many different ways.
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    For a skirt, the label is usually in the back. Same for a blouse or dress.

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    Some skirts work in more than one direction, and some split in the front, some the side, and some the back, and if you think it looks best in the back then do that

    I have a skirt I bought at a thrift store when I first started making a wardrobe and I am not sure if it is a tube top dress or a maxi skirt and there is no label. It seems to work for both.

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    Not me...I just look at the tag and the zipper placement. Tells me all I need to know.
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    If you can't tell by the zipper or tags. Look closely, the rear usually has more gathering or "butt darts" at the waist.
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    There IS no right or wrong! Your mirror should tell u. What looks good on u is best!

    I intentionally wear some dresses backwards because the back is cut lower than the front! Here's one I wore out in Vegas! No one had a clue the tag was in front!

    P1260220 (2) (611x640).jpg
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    Just because a similar looking skirt has the slits in the front, doesn't mean that yours should be worn that way. Check for the zipper and tag locations to clarify your skirt, as others have pointed out already.
    I bought a new skirt and and assumed that the slit went in the back. When I went to put it on, I noticed that if the slit was in the back, the zipper and tag would be in the front. Realizing my error, I turned it around with the slit in the front.
    When my wife saw it, her first comment was that I had it on backwards because the slit should be in the back. When I showed her where the zipper and tag were, she agreed that I had it on right.

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    I’ve got a few undergarments I wear backwards on purpose because they are more comfortable that way ;P

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