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Thread: Frivolous threads

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    mini kilted chick t-girlxsophie's Avatar
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    Frivolous threads

    Before I start This isnt intended to invoke argument its just something I have noticed recently.

    There seems to be many that are on the site that complain about there being too many frivolous posts,If it's not hurting anyone why complain,if a thread has no appeal then you can scroll past.were not out to change the world here were just sharing the joy we have in CDing and all that entails.And maybe even if one of the frivolous posts could help even one person out then surely that's a good thing overall

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    ne pa
    Not everything has to be earth shaking. We are hear to help each other and occasionally to be amused.

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    I agree if a post helps anyone in anyway it cant be frivolous.

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    Good point Sophie, if they have no interest in the topic then just pass it by.

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    What is the definition of a “frivolous” post?

    We should not take ourselves so seriously...there is so much anger and hate in the world these days keeping things light is a welcome change...but that is just my opinion....

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    To characterize those critiques as referring to frivolous posts is not entirely accurate. I truly do not care if there is one "underdressing" thread per week or ten. And you're right. If the presence of those discussions helps readers realize that such tendencies are normal, that's a good thing. But there are more than enough threads that will leave a casual visitor with an impression of TG people that most of us would rather they not have.
    Then there's the misinformation... I will jump, with both feet, on posts that perpetuate myths, misunderstanding, and outright dangerous misinformation. There is plenty of that here too.
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    After all, we're supposed to remember to have some fun in life too, no?

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    Thats right if you don't wish to comment just pass the post by and move on.
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    So true Sophie!
    We all should be cool and go with the flow!

    If I see a "Stacy" thread I know it will be a little messed up or confused! So I avoid them, but that's me!

    But seriously to be part of this forum we all together need to understand that we are all different, one post can make a difference!

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    What a frivolous thread, Sophie----
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    I agree Sophie. I've been a member of a couple of other internet discussion boards, or forums, and places like this need a lot of members to be vibrant. You need new members coming in all the time. And you also need members to participate and actually start threads. So I'm never critical of any thread because it's been posted many times, or tell someone to use the search function.

    So thanks Sophie, for participating and starting this thread!

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    I must be blindsided, there are people from all levels of activity and those just starting out like to describe the clothing they wear.

    Others have been here a while and do not put a lot of thought into their posts and there are people like me who will talk to anyone, even a lamp post wearing a dress would invoke my interest.

    No, considering the diversity of those using this board and a lot looking for some support I feel that the most inane question by someone new has been asked, because they would like some input.
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    For me there are not any frivolous threads.

    It’s all entertainment with a twist.

    The topic doesn’t matter that much, these are real people with real lives. Their words reflect their thoughts and feelings, it’s all food for thought.

    As they say,” there is a first time for everything”, this is a place you can share some of them if you like. Who knows maybe it will help someone else with their live.

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    I agree with you, Sophie. The threads that I get a kick out of are the, "panty threads". I laugh because the same folks add, "no not another panty thread", stating the obvious, and posting as they have done also in the past. Keep up the good work, so I can get another snicker out of it. Let us enjoy our free speech, remembering that some have no one to talk to about their CD'ing, so they share with a thread. Let's not be afraid to have some jocularity also.
    I like myself, regardless of the packaging that I may come in! It's what is on the inside of the package that counts!

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    Life is more fun in heels Genifer Teal's Avatar
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    It reminds me of people complaining that a post is too long. Stop reading or don't read it all. If a post is frivolous and uninteresting to you then don't look at it. There may be someone somewhere that gains something out of that post. So think positive and appreciate that it's helping others.

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    Aspiring Member Eemz's Avatar
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    Ha ha exactly Genifer. I agree. Or at least I think so - it was too frivolous, I didn't read most of it LOL

    People complain "I spent 20 minutes reading this nonsense" .. But why? Nobody made you read it, you chose to.

    I love frivolous threads. I created one today like "I love my new dress".

    I'm not expecting a Nobel Prize for Literature. I just have a new dress that I love and there are very few people in the world that I can tell! I can't exactly put it up on Facebook or Snapchat it to all my friends, now can I?

    I would say more about this topic, but nobody would read it. If they even got this far LOL

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    It takes courage to even enter the forum , reading some members replies on how long it took to sign up. To me what they have to say are all stepping stones , people finding themselves and gaining confidence . They are admitting to the World , " I'm a crossdresser !" We all know how hard that is for a man to admit to , to go on and tell people what they wear and what they have hidden away is helping them come to terms with a trait they were more than likely born with .

    Many of us only have to think back to our early threads and comments to see how far we have come , we may cringe now but the fact is many of us did it . We do make mistakes in doing so and get feedback to amend our ideas and thinking , none of us will ever know all the answers but we have to start somewhere so we can put a foot on the ladder .

    I agree with Eemz, sometimes we do have find humour in what we do and be prepared to laugh at ourselves .
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    If we were only allowed to start "New Original Threads" the forum would be filled with very long old threads that no newbie would ever read the whole thing.
    A little frivolity is a good thing.

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    Bunny Bordello rachel_rachel's Avatar
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    Let’s be honest here.. in an age where everybody is offended by something, this is a male dominant forum..
    if you don’t like something, don’t comment, if you feel the need to comment, make sure the filter between the head and hand is engaged.
    i am what I am, I do what I do..
    i do not seek approval from others.

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    so in keeping with the light hardheartedness of the thread, doesn't it really suck when when your thigh-highs keep falling down under your jeans or your bra straps fall off your shoulders when you're trying to have a serious work-related conversation with customers that have NO idea that you are wearing women's under-garments?? That sucks!

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    Frivolous comment.

    (I hear you groaning - stop that!)
    You are you. You are beautiful. Labels are worthless.

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    Danielle cdinmd206's Avatar
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    I think we as a society have forgotten how to have fun and laugh. Social media now permits us to say nasty things about others and not have to worry about them getting up in our faces asking for an apology or better yet getting an ass whipping. We have to remember we are all different with different point of views. Not everyone is going to like you and you don't have to like everyone else. Just be tolerant of their views and maybe try to put yourself in their heels for a bit

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    This part is a section for most of the spectrum at all levels of experience from first contact to full-time. It's good that the range of topics is free to reflect that.

    Personally, I would find it difficult to complain about frivol while also being active in the picture gallery.

    - Lydianne.

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    Thanks Sophie !

    I am the king/Queen of frivolous Threads ! I am just a fun loving person who likes to dwell on the fun aspects of this Hobby.

    Like others have said I don't comment on threads of little interest to me or if I have nothing to say

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    Smile, Honey! You look fabulous!

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