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Thread: Am I In the Wrong Neighborhood?

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    Sorry posted in wrong place
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    Crossdressing is it's own sub-umbrella, under the umbrella of the Transgender spectrum. There are many different kinds of people and therefore crossdressers with different behaviors and acting out patterns. As for AGP's, of which I probably qualify myself, a lot what I read about it sounds like what can be found in a 12 step program, like SA or SAA. And if anyone wants to know more about those programs, you can PM me.

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    I get it. But sometimes reality aren’t as good as the fantasies. Ummm that was how I discovered after many years of confusion that I am probably straight rather than bi. Still, I get those same fantasies, and I know for real it is likely an illusion for me. But I guess it was because it was with a normal guy, and who played it too rough. Perhaps it would be different with a gurl.

    The one fantasy I know I would.enjoy for real though is to have a girlfriend who is accepting and encouraging of my crossdressing, makeup etc, and get turned on by it just as much, lol.

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    The significance of autogynephilia in trans thinking and behavior is controversial. Some would say it's purely fetishistic behavior and doesn't indicate actual cross gender characteristics while others say it's common and exists in varying degrees for MTF people. In fact, one study intended to draw a line between autogynephilics and "true" trangender MTFs produced data that makes it very difficult that make that separation. Even GGs subjected to the same questions showed that half would be regarded as autogynephilic.

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