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Thread: [PIC] Amateur Photograher - Flats & Pointe Shoes - Hosiery

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    Red face Amateur Photograher

    Amateur Photograher - Flats & Pointe Shoes - Hosiery

    Just wanted to share that I am an amateur pics.
    You all have a wonderful week!

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    Just take lots of photos.

    A lot quicker and cheaper with digital photography.

    I would take twelve shots, develop a roll of film, enlarge and print them, this took a day or so and they were only black and white!

    Times have changed, Mr. Kodak must be feeling the pinch these days. :-)
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    You've just taken me back thirty years of memories , I started with that throughput but ended up with a fairly efficient colour darkroom . Actually Mr . Kodak missed out big time to Mr. Fuji , Kodak pulled the plug on so many lines and Fuji scooped a huge market , I found their products better anyway , their colour paper was far more consistent batch to batch and their film had better latitude . It all sounds like an article from a museum now but there was no deying the quality achieved from film printed on a top quality printing setup .

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    Seeing an image materialize on the wet paper in a dark room with a red light was magical, and now gone the way of the slide rule.

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    I was up in the loft the other day and there gathering dust was my old B/W enlarger. Somewhere up there are the developing tanks and all the other paraphernalia. Yep, there was a certain satisfaction in producing something all the way from the framing in the viewfinder, to the press of the shutter and then the big reveal in the dark room.
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    I just realized that my camera purchases have been driven (at least partially) by my crossdressing. I could not afford a good film camera (nor a darkroom) so my first dressup photos are scans of polaroid photos I took in the late 1980's...

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    I am part of everything.
    I bought a Beseler enlarger 20+ years ago with half a notion to build a darkroom around it...never happened. Could only do B&W anyway....D76 devloper + dektol.

    Digital is the way to go. Less expensive and lower environmental impact.
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    OMG, flashback memories. In the late sixties I made my first darkroom in the basement. I covered the windows with double thick black velour drapes that I cut and sewes to size, sealed cracks around doors with black theatrical tape, and had a Bessler enlarger and all the things needed dor B&W developing and printing. Started with a Konica 35mm, graduated to a Nikon and had a couple models of that, and miss all of it. No photoshopped pics. then, but using tools to control the exposure of different areas of a photo to dring out details was a joy to manipulate.

    Didn't get to dress fully in that era, so no selfies came from it.

    Sigh, missing the darkroom time.
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    I think these days most of us r, Sailormoon!

    Unfortunately, as u can tell from my volumnous portfolio, my camera is much smarter than I am!
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    When we build our house it included a very large industrial grade darkroom. Lots of balck & white processing and some color. In my third carrer I was a professional photographer. doing underwater, sports, travel, wildlife and some corporate work. When digital came along I had to make the transition. My camera room became full of unused film cameras. As digital changed at an ever faster pace digital cameras started too stack up.Twice I and my wife sold equipment to a traveling buyer. Now it is still digital, but makung the change to mirrorless. More cameras to buy. Now I have settled on one camera that meets 90 % of all my needs and lots of the work I used to do are no longer viable. I am fully retired and turn down work requests. I am way overdue to shoot images of Alice and will make that a project the 1st three weeks of March

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    I, too, had a modest career as a photographer, cinematographer and photography and video production teacher for many years. I never had much of a home darkroom because I always had almost unlimited access to professional grade facilities at the university where I worked, although in a pinch I could develop film at home.

    Although I am nostalgic for the smells and the magic of seeing images develop in front of my eyes, on the whole, digital has been a revelation for me, allowing me to practice and shoot much more without worrying about the expense or time invested in each final image. Unsurprisingly, the more I can shoot, the better I get at what really counts - finding great shots, composing and lighting them, tweaking exposure and color. In video especially, I can do more in editing on my desktop computer at home than was possible in a million dollar studio a couple of decades ago. It's certainly a different world today, but on the whole, a much richer and better one than in the past.

    - Diane

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